New Writers

How do I sign up to become a writer?
• You can apply to become a blogger by submitting our application form here! – http://bloggers.society19.com/become-a-blogger-writer/

Who can write for Society19?
• Any current college student (undergrad/grad student), recent college grad, or current high school student can apply to write for Society19! We’ve even had professors contribute an article or two…

How often am I expected to write an article?
• Most writers choose to write one article a week. However, the frequency of articles you write completely depends on you, and how involved you would like to be with the magazine. Two articles a week or one article a month, it is up to you to decide.

How long does it take to write an article?
• You can expect to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half writing an article, depending on how much you already know about your topic, how long it takes you to research your topic, what the topic is about, and if you choose to include photos or not. Your article is a reflection of yourself!

How much of a time commitment is this?
• As much as you would like it to be! We understand that academics always come first, so we are flexible with each of our writers’ needs.

Can I write for Society19 and another online publication?
• Yes, definitely. Please just make sure that the articles you are writing for Society19 was not previously submitted or published to any other online publication.

Is this a paid position?
• While the blogger position is unpaid, our team offers contests and goals with monetary prizes that are attainable for everyone, so there are opportunities to make some money!

Can I put this position on my resume?
• Yes, definitely! As a writer for Society19, you will improve both your writing and marketing skills. Your work will be professionally edited by our staff, and your article will be published on the SOCIETY19 national edition, or on your dedicated school edition. You will then learn how to utilize all the social media platforms at your disposal to get your article in front of thousands of students (and hopefully become the next viral sensation!).


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