How To Promote Your Article

When promoting your article, here are some steps to follow and tips to keep in mind:

1. Share your article on your Facebook wall.

Tip: Make your Facebook profile partially public so anyone can share your post even if they are not friends with you. To do this: (don’t worry your photos and statuses are still private!)

  • Click the lock icon on the top right corner of your Facebook page, and click “See More Settings”

  • Under “Public Posts”, set “who can Follow me” as “public” and “Public Posts Comments” as “Public”

  • When posting your article on your wall, make sure the blue box to the left of “Post” is set to “Public”

2. Message and tag all university pages related to your article (housing, dining services, etc…) and kindly ask them to share it with students.

  • Schools love sharing articles their students wrote! You can also message and tag any restaurant, campus club, sorority/fraternity, organization etc… and kindly ask them to share your article on their Facebook page.

3. Join your class Facebook groups, and share your articles on the group wall. Do not spam those groups though… no one likes a spammer!

Tip: Reply to anyone who comments on your article in the group- it will bump your article back up in Facebook’s news feed.

4. If relevant, message your school’s alumni page. Alumni are parents who LOVE sharing articles on Facebook.

5. Ask your friends and parents to share your article.

Final Tips: Always make sure your posts look good in the Facebook Feed.

  • Come up with a good caption that will engage other students.
  • Post your link, wait until the picture, title and description load, then remove the hyperlink before posting.

There are tons of posts shared every week so it is easy for your friends to miss it. Make sure to repost your articles a couple of times over the course of the two weeks and change up the caption.

Sharing in a group:

A post in a Facebook group should look like THIS with the correct caption, image, title and description.

(If it doesn’t, delete immediately and let someone at Society19 know that your article isn’t displaying correctly on Facebook!)


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