In the university stores we all have seen the typical boring college attire consisting of plain t-shirts with Florida State logo or shirts with just Florida State written across it, but why buy those when you can spice up your wardrobe with cute college game day outfits. Online retailers such as @bygabby on Instagram have been selling college tailgate gear with trendy staples such as crop tops, miniskirts, acid wash shirts, and bandeau tops all still with the Florida State logo on it, that way you can still represent your school while still looking cute. Here are 10 of the most adorable game day outfits seen at Florida State.


  1. Lace up tees with bralettes.


Photo by @tailgate.apparel

Lace up tees have been very edge and trendy lately selling at various popular clothing stores such as Forever 21, Pacsun, H&M, and Urban Outfitters, making them the perfect way to spice up a traditional Florida State shirt. Bralettes offer a cute, supported layered look and are also great because it makes it socially acceptable to have your bra straps showing for once.


  1. Bandeau tops with high waisted shorts


Photo by: @bygabby_

Strapless shirts and bandeaus have been making a huge comeback in the fashion industry lately as they offer a trendy 90s look. When paired with high waisted shorts they show just the right amount of skin and still allow you to feel comfortable and cute as you cheer on the noles.


  1. Cheer skirts and crop tops


Photo by: @adrianamier_

What could possibly be more adorable than the classic cheerleader looks? The garnet and gold skirt perfectly executes our school colors while still being cute due to the frilly skirt with paired with a gold crop top it becomes an amazingly cute, spirited game day outfit.


  1. Acid wash tees and shorts


Photo by: @adrianamier_

Acid wash everything has been in style lately from T-shirts all the way to jeans and shorts, and this outfit perfectly executes this trend with a cute game day twist. This outfit allows you to support your school with still have a trendy and edgy look. The shorts will allow you keep the casualness out the outfit with still staying cool in the Florida heat.


  1. Oversized football jersey dresses


Photo by: @hbgagnon

T shirt dresses have been very trendy so why not make your own T-shirt dress with a Florida State Jersey? This is a girly look that will definitely show your school spirit and should be a go to this fall season.


  1. FSU sweatshirts with leggings


Photo by: @hayfullofgrace

How adorable are these two friends twinning in this picture? While Florida is relatively hot there’s always cool nights and I think these outfits are perfect as they provide comfort due to the oversized sweatshirts and the pairing of leggings and sneakers. This is a look everyone should try with their BFF this fall.


  1. Florida State shirts with a DIY V cut


Photo by: @hbgagnon

This summer I can’t even name the amount of times I’ve went in a store or shopped online and have seen V cut T shirts. They are very trendy and offer an edge look though a simple cut.


  1. Lace up tank tops


Photo by: @mikaelariedel

Want the cute lace up look but think it’s too hot to be wearing T-shirts and sweaters? Then try lace up tank tops. They offer a cooler alternative and edgy muscle tee look.


  1. Cropped FSU tank with overalls


Photo by: @fsu_theta

Are you a fan of the grudge 90s look? Then I highly recommend wearing short overalls for the games this fall they offer an adorable look with still having a vintage look. The tank top under provides great layering and it allows you to show your school spirit.


  1. If all fails, you can deck yourself out in glitter with your BFF like these guys.


Photo by: @garnetgoldstore

This fall you will definitely catch these to covered in garnet and gold glitter and spray in the stands of every game and this could definitely be a look recreated by two girl BFFs as well!







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