Ask any Ohio State student what their favorite day of the week is and their answer will always be “Game day.” No doubt about it, Saturday’s are a great day to be a Buckeye. Students always look the part and rep tOSU gear, but they also love to add their own style. Here are 10 effortlessly cool gameday outfits worn by our fashion forward Buckeyes:

1. Warm Weather Fans

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In the early months of the season, students last all day in the heat with cut up tOSU apparel. Ohio State tees can be found all around campus as well as in local thrift stores. They are cheap so buy a few tops, a pair of scissors and/or some bleach, and get creative! Don’t forget your fanny pack and sunglasses.

2. Be a Jersey Girl

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Support your favorite Buckeye footballers by wearing a jersey! Some students buy oversized jerseys to wear as dresses and others get a little more creative. Delaney Heller, Ohio State student and fashion blogger, lets her trendy Rack Underground top speak for itself by pairing it with simple white shorts. If you’re feeling it and trust yourself with a pair of scissors try to DIY for your own style.

3. Who Doesn’t Love Vintage?

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Vintage is always in. Check out local thrift stores for cool tOSU apparel finds or shift through alumni’s closets to find old school gems like this one.

4. Be Your Own Cheerleader

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Cheerleading skirts are a fan favorite amongst Ohio State girls. Pair them with knee high socks, trendy sneakers, and a cropped tOSU tee. Skirts can be found at American Apparel or Clothing Underground.

5. Accessorize Yourself

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Rock your OSU gear and stand out through the way you accessorize. Pair it with denim overalls, a flannel, or a skirt and a bow. Show your own personal style in your game day outfit.

6. Save Money and Use Your Closet

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Scarlet red, white, grey, and black are staple colors in just about everyone’s closet, especially tOSU students. Don’t feel the need to wear all Ohio State everything every Saturday. Instead rock your own wardrobe and keep it simple! Pair a white leotard with a comfy flannel, black skinny jeans, and throw on a face tattoo (found at the local Barnes and Noble).

7. Be Original

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If you have a fun idea, quote, or song lyric that just seems to go with your gameday vibe, add it to a sweatshirt! Get one conveniently made at Hippie Hut in the Short North.

8. Nothing But Your T-Shirt On

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 2.58.34 PM

Buy an oversized tOSU shirt (or steal one from your local frat boy) and make it into a dress for an effortlessly cute gameday outfit. Take the simple idea and make it pop with a chocker, chic glasses, bracelets, and, of course, Adidas sneakers.

9. Stay Warm, Stay Trendy

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The winters in Ohio can be brutal, but that doesn’t mean your outfit suddenly has to become boring. Take a tip from College Fashionista Style Guru, Jen Antill, and pair your favorite tOSU gear with a big fur jacket.

10. It’s All About the Denim

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 2.54.54 PM

A staple tOSU jean jacket looks good with just about anything. The acid wash and red print makes this jacket the perfect trendy accessory for a fall game. Jacket and picture by the talented Ohio State student Claire Durfee!


Represent the Buckeyes but don’t forget to be yourself, too. See you in the Shoe!


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