The simplicity of crying became more of a controversial task when I came to college. Can I just burst into tears right here? Are people going to judge me if I burst into tears right here? UGH, these questions are too familiar on a day-to-day basis. If any of you are like me, crying is second nature. So when you just cannot anymore and you need a good cry, here are a few handy spots to head over to…

1. The communal shower

Yup, starting with the obvious. The water will not only drown out the sounds of your sobs, but you’ll walk out of there feeling refreshed. No signs of tears! Thank you communal showers. Turns out you are good for something other than questionably clean water that may or may not leave you dirtier than before.

2. The blue loop/white loop

Nothing screams dramatic movie scene quite like staring out the window as your reflection stares back at you with tears rolling down your face. Can we get a round of applause for public transportation?1053079_8726


3.Bathrooms at frat

Who knew such a dirty place could be so comforting? Girls in frat bathrooms can be more welcoming than you think. Listen to them when they assure you how beautiful you look- even when you know you for sure look like a disheveled mess.

4.Uber (after the party)

Uber drivers have definitely seen it all so don’t worry about the mascara dripping down your face while you vent to your friends, and the driver, about the night. Some drivers even drop the charge after this. 5 star rating? Definitely.

5. Your lobby…waiting for pokies

It’s 3 am and you’re an irritable mixture of tired and hungry. You begin to curse off the order up driver in your head and suddenly the tears start to fall. It’s ok. We’ve all been there…he’ll arrive soon.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.31.11 PM

6. Creamery

Name a better place to eat your feelings while simultaneously crying over them. “I’ll take death by chocolate and napkins for my tears, please”

7. Arboretum

When it’s just that type of day and you need to get away…or channel your inner Kelly Clarkson and pretend you’re in her “Breakaway” music video


8.Library (the stacks)

As you’re tucked away in the tiny corner let those tears plop onto your papers and maybe your professor will feel slight pity? But also maybe not so let yourself cry but then get back to work just in case…

9. Mount Nittany

If you can make it to the top you’ll probably be crying over the effort and exhaustion. Now you can forget the real reason you were upset to begin with.


Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.38.34 PM

10. Into an insomnia cookie box

Because when you seriously just cannot and your friends can’t be there to comfort you, at least you can cry into the box of cookies they sent you 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.52.15 PM


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