Title: 8 Decoration Ideas To Personalize Your Dorm Room

Being away from home is something that requires students to essentially create their own home-like living space. With limited foot room, dorms are sometimes super frustrating to call home because they are only a single room. Here are a few things to add to your limited space in order to get the full home-like effect.

1. Plants

You can get fake plants or real plants, but either way they are a perfect way of brightening up your living space and a guarantee for a more home-like appearance.


2. Tapestrylarge (11)

Tapestries are edgy and exciting, they give your room a laid back look while personalizing an entire wall at the same time.

large (12)

3. Fairy lights

Fairy lights are a perfect way to soften up your living space and create a calm and relaxing environment. Drape them over a tapestry for the ultimate effect.

large (13)

4. Picture frames

Put your memories up around the room, a picture of your family, your dog, and SO.

large (14)

5. Throw Pillows

Because you can never have enough pillows.

large (15)

6. Record Player

They look awesome, and they sound awesome.

large (17)

7. Antique Mirror

Every dorm comes with a boring square mirror that normally is warped and makes you look like you are in a fun house, so go hit up your local thrift shop and hunt for a beautiful antique mirror. It will give your room the extra touch it needs.

large (18)

8. Homemade headboard

Having a headboard gives an automatic home-like appearance to your entire room. If you want one, take on a simple DIY project! Take a large piece of cardboard and cut it in the shape want your headboard in. then, grab a hot glue gun and glue fabric over top of it. To create a more textured look, add some fluff before you glue on the fabric! Mount it on your dorm wall right behind your bed.

large (19)

large (20)


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