College of Charleston is historic, diverse, and simply perfect. It was just recognized for being the “Most Beautiful College Campus” in America by Travel + Leisure magazine. With a reputation like that, being able to explore the campus is enough as it is for all the college students, tourists, and locals. College of Charleston is located in the great city of Charleston, South Carolina; so when you’ve toured all around the campus, there are still many more sights to be observed and activities to do. Below is a list of must do’s around Charleston, and all of it is free.

    1.) Go to the Cistern Yard in the campus

The Cistern yard is one of the most famous landmarks in the campus and is often used as a logo for CofC. The yard that surrounds it is a great place to sit down and enjoy the view of the Cistern while appreciating all the history and beauty it has to offer.Cistern-Yard- cofc


   2.) Check out Cougar Mall in the Campus

Cougar Mall is a central part of campus. It holds classrooms and offices but most importantly, Clyde the Cougar. The cascading trees make you feel safe and peaceful while walking around. The buildings are also beautiful to observe. Don’t forget to check out the iconic fountain, it’s also a prime picture spot.

cougar mall cougar mall clyde








   3.) Take a stroll along King Street

You haven’t seen Charleston if you didn’t go to King St. King Street starts at the top of Downtown and goes all the way down to the waterfront. There are hundreds of restaurants, boutiques, antique shops, and art galleries. It’s also in the top 10 Famous Streets in America.

king st cofc


   4.) Walk along the Battery

The Battery is known for its history in regards to the Civil War, but also for the amazing sights you will see as you walk along the path. On one side of the path is the peaceful sound of the water from the ocean. On the other is huge million dollar homes you could only dream of having. 



   5.) Check out the Pineapple Fountain

If you looked Charleston up on Google, a picture of the Pineapple fountain is bound to pop up. It’s a beautiful sight and great for pictures, and it represents Southern Hospitality.Pineapple Fountain


   6.) Swing in one of the chairs at Waterfront Park

Waterfront park is also a great place to just walk around and appreciate all the beauty and history around you. At the start of the park is a fountain along with a long dock to sit down and observe the sights. The swings are the best option because you feel the good ole’ southern breeze along with the view. The park also has a path you can take to see the amazing palmetto trees and more of the historic houses. WaterfrontParkPier


   7.) Go to Rainbow Row

Rainbow row is one of everyone’s favorite spots. It’s a row of historic houses that are millions and millions of dollars. Guess what? All the houses are bright colors, like the rainbow. Most of the houses are very old and have old designs like iron doors, or give off the southern feel with a planter box attached to the front of the house. It is also a great photoshoot opportunity with the colorful backgrounds.

rainbow row


    8.) Take a look at the City Market

There are so many vendors so there is something to interest college students, tourists, and locals. You don’t even need to buy anything to have fun, just looking at all the local art or smelling the Chai Tea Latte from Caviar and Bananas is entertaining enough. As you walk around the market you can also count on seeing horses walking around from city tours.



   9.) Take a trip to Folly Beach

Folly Beach is another place in Charleston that is absolutely beautiful. Take a walk along the shore, or even set up a hammock under the pier. The area around the beach has cool shops and restaurants to check out as well.



    10.) Go to the Ravenel Bridge

You have to go across this bridge to get to downtown Charleston. You can just say you drove across the bridge or you can take a walk along the bridge. You can even rent a bike($25 for the day) and bike around Charleston and across the bridge. Imagine all the photo opportunities along the way.



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