If you go to University of Albany chances are you are looking things to do during your free time. Whether you are going out with your friends or going on a date, chances are you looking for things that are fun and yet affordable. Well lucky for you there are fun things to do in Albany that are free.

  1. Washington Park


This is the most well-known park in Albany. The park is about 81 acres and it is perfect site to go walking and gathering around. Around May of each year the tulips blooms and the annual Tulip Festival takes place.

2. Going to festivals


Speaking of the Tulip Festival, there are many other festivals that are held in Albany every year. There is the Lark fest that held at end of every summer on Lark Street. There is also the Jazz fest that happens every September.

3. Capital State Building


This is main landmark in Albany. You can booked a free tour by calling them.

4. Going to Sports Game


For those who love sports and want to support your school teams, this is an great way to show your love. Students who come to these games don’t have to pay as long they show their Ualbany ID.

5. Going to Mall


Technically you will only be spending money if you decide to purchase something. If you are window shopping it does not cost anything. If you are lucky, you can get free samples of products from certain stores.

6. Bar Hopping/Nightclubs

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For those who are 21 years and over, there are many bars in Albany that does not required to pay to get in. Popular bars include Pearl Street Pub, Legend’s and Washington Tavern.

7. New York State Museum


For those who are enthusiastic to learn, this is excellent place for you. This museum has exhibits that showcase history of Albany, Art and more. The best part it is free.

8. The Egg

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The Egg is performing arts center located in downtown Albany. They held many shows and concerts which sometimes it is free depending on the show and the date.

9. Hiking

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For all the nature lovers out there, here is your chance to explore. There are two great hiking places around Albany, one is Albany Pine Bush Preserve and the other is Albany County Rail Trail.

10. Biking/Rollerblading

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For those who want to do more than just hiking, you can also roller blade and bike. Albany has excellent park for that which is called The Corning Preserve


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