It’s no secret that college is expensive (AF!!!), from yearly tuition, housing, absolutely essential groceries like easy-mac, and feeding that caffeine addiction by consuming more than enough coffee that’s humanly necessary in one day- admit it, we’ve all been at that point before- I devised a list of some money-saving activities to keep your mind at ease and your wallet full.

1. Number one has got to be the the Pinnacles.

Located just 20 minutes from the Missouri campus, its stunning scenery and killer leg workout will have you winded in no time. But with fresh air, of course.

2. Sticking with the topic of nature attraction number two is Stephens Lake park. This is a popular place to stroll with a significant other (or dog) and actually see more of the community in Columbia outside of the campus. Columbia is notorious for its many trail and park systems so it’s easy to find an outdoor activity suitable for you.

3. If you’re not a big adventurer, or casual stroller the Francis Quadrangle is a prime spot to relax and have a picnic with your friends. Located at the center of the University’s campus its always a great spot to people-watch, or dog-watch because lets be real here, dogs are better.

4. Window shop your way through downtown Columbia. With so many local businesses and an array of cute shops there’s sure to be something that will interest you. Just pick a sunny day start strolling down Ninth Street, although I must warn you this activity may lead to possible spending. This may be best used to practice self control.


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