Being a student at Carleton University is unique to say the least, but this is 2017, and there’s a GIF for everything. Here’s 10 GIFs that pretty accurately summarize life at CU:

1. Walking through the tunnels during CUSA campaign season

giphy (2)

2. Trying to talk to any of your friends in STEM fields

giphy (1)

3. When you have to explain your major to someone AGAIN


Humanities students, I’m looking at you.

4. When you’re so over Hull, but you’re not 19 yet


5. That point in the semester when your OSAP funding runs out


6. When you say something dumb and the whole class hears


7. When freshmen realize that they’re actually on their own for the first time in their lives


8. When you just stop caring


9. When you don’t have the time, energy, or money to actually eat proper meals

giphy (3)

10. When Panda rolls around again and the Gee Gee’s think you’re worried

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