Ryerson University is know for many things. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto its fair to say there is almost never a dull day at Ryerson. Below are 10 gifs that describe what it’s like to be a student at Ryerson.

1. Looking for a class in Kerr Hall or an office in Jorgenson Building

Getting lost in these buildings is a typical occurrence for most student it seems.


2. When you make any sort of noise on the quiet floor in the SLC

Whether its the drop of a pen, or a cough, or a sneeze, or heaven forbid that video you just clicked on Facebook starts playing on full blast. We’ve all been there, its okay.


3. Sacrificing breathing on Gould St. because the smell is terrible

No one really knows what that smell is, and I’m not sure if we ever want to find out. For all incoming freshmen, you will know what I am talking about soon enough.

4. Checking your mark on D2L

Maybe you worked really hard on that assignment. Maybe you just started it the night it was due. Either way the disappointment is inevitable.

5. When someone asks if you did the course readings

Theres no better feeling than finding out you’re not the only who didn’t do the assigned reading.

6. 8 a.m. classes in Yonge and Dundas Theatre

Last week I actually witnessed someone sprawl out across two chairs and continue to fall into a deep sleep while snoring. I don’t even blame them. Those seats are very comfortable making it so much harder to stay awake during an 8a.m. lecture.

7. Dealing with the service hub

There is no fun in sitting in the service hub waiting for your number to be called.

8. When your OSAP money comes in

I’ve never been lucky enough to experience this feeling being a student from another province and not being able to apply, but I here its quite the exciting feeling getting those funds deposited into your bank account.

9. When the people in the study room next to yours won’t be quiet

Those walls are seriously paper thin. Please don’t be that person in a study room who has unnecessary loud conversations or blasts their music.

10. Getting “pit lit”

A small room crowded with too many drunk people, loud music, and food all over the floor. This pretty much sums up a typical night in Pitman Hall.






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