Ah, student life. Sometimes, it’s just way too hard putting into words exactly what it means to be a Dawg. Well, it’s 2017, so you know what they say: A GIF can say a thousand words.


1. Trying to navigate your way around campus the first week of each semester


2. When a regulation hottie walks into class on the first day of calculus


3. Not even really understanding football in its entirety but Saturdays in Athens being a religious experience


4. “Wait, did you just say free Insomnia at Tate Center?”


5. Two papers, a project, three exams, a club meeting, and internship applications all due in the next week


6. Running after the bus only to miss it in front of everyone


7. When you attended class, went to office hours, and worked hard all semester the professor won’t round your 93.9 up after finals


8. Seeing a guide dog wearing his uniform on campus when you know the rules


9. Taking on Ag Hill and trying to have a conversation with someone at the same time


10. Trying to fathom just how much you love this place.




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