“What It’s Like to be a Student at UQ as Told by Cam Tucker from “Modern Family” ”


UQ is ranked in the top 100 universities worldwide but that doesn’t stop us from getting up to our own shenanigans. From the pen debacle to the ibis vs. turkey debate, there’s always something going on. Student life at UQ is never boring (well it can be, just depends on the person), so in no particular order, here’s Cam Tucker from Modern Family telling you about being a student at UQ…


1. Having an assessment piece worth more than 50%.

high screaming


2. When your lecture/tutorial buddy abandons you… FOR NO GOOD REASON.

tipping apples


3. SWOTVAC. Need I say more?

drinking game


4. When the 412 or the 66 leaves without you. And you know the driver saw you. And there’s definitely room on the bus.

getting away


5. Having an exam on Saturday.

messed up


6. SWOTVAC again.

can't talk about it


7. When they changed the parking system and you can’t share tickets anymore.

russell crowe


8. When an ibis steals your lunch.

all screaming


9. When you see schools wandering around campus.

just no


10. Posting on StakerSpace and getting more than 200 reactions (or less, depending on how needy you are).



11. Waking up for an 8 am lecture/tutorial.



12. …and FINALLY finishing the semester!



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