Being a student at the University of Warwick is a special and unique experience that can only be understood by those who have spent at least one year inside the infamous bubble. Even when you think you’ve escaped the campus accommodation, you realise the campus parameter isn’t only physical – it’s mental. Warwick uni students are forever united and bonded in their mutual understandings of this weird and wonderful place.

  1. When you have to explain to people that your uni isn’t actually in Warwick.giphy
  2. When you just want to go home but the U1 stops at the top of the parade so the driver can have a smoke.giphy (1)
  3.  When you go circling for the first time.giphy 2
  4.  When someone is chatting shit on floor 5.gif
  5.  When you finally get your food in Vialli’s after waiting an eternity.gif 3
  6.  When you inevitably get kicked out of Smack.gif 4
  7.  When you’re in the Dirty Duck and they bring the rest of your table’s food but not yours.gif 1
  8.   When you have to walk somewhere that’s even further than Westwood.giphy (2)
  9. When you walk past the koan and feel as though you should bow or salute.giphy (3)
  10. When you realise that one day you’re actually going to have to leave the cocoon of weirdness that is Warwick uni.giphy (4)


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