1. Putting your heart and soul into jumping during Enter Sandman… maybe even breaking bleachers


2. Having on-campus food that’s just as good as home-cooked meals… maybe even better

emma gif

3. Being the #1 most fit college campus… probably from all of the walking we do on a daily basis


4. Trying to find parking on campus is the ultimate struggle

drivingg gif

5. Crossing the drill field during winter and not trying to get blown over by the wind

wind drill

6. Hiking Blacksburg’s many trails… especially the Cascades


7. Having a never-ending rivalry with UVA


8. Seeing Eno’s sprawled all over the drillfield and residential quads as soon as the temperature is above 60 degrees


9. Having an obsession with Cabo Fish Taco


10. Having the #1 quality of life among all colleges and loving Hokie Nation!!!



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