Scared of that freshman 15 sneaking up on you? University can be stressful and sometimes we turn to fatty junk foods because we’re on a tight budget and they seem like a cheap option. Here I am going to revel 10 cheap tricks to healthy eating that are affordable and practical for any university student. 

 1. Oatmeal

Substitute that bowl of frosted flakes in the morning for a package of oatmeal. Quaker makes all different flavours of oatmeal with 10 packages in each box, perfect for a rushed morning. 


2. Fruit 

There are plenty of fruits that are cheap like bananas and apples, I like to pair mine with peanut butter or honey for a sweet afternoon or after dinner snack. 

3. Chickpeas

Chickpeas are an extremely cheap bean that have endless possibilities like pastas, hummus, salads etc. They contain plenty of protein, fibre and iron, as well as many more health benefits. 

4. Coupons and Discounts

Ever watch Extreme Couponing and make fun of all the contestants for being so crazy? Well, coupons are a great way to save money and find healthy options for cheaper. Grocery stores near Ryerson also have student discount days to help lighten the bill. 

5. Eggs 

Eggs are probably one of the cheapest/healthiest items you can buy at the grocery store. You can eat them for every meal, they’re only 160 calories each and they’re very filling. 

6. Avocados 

Although these can sometimes range on the expensive side, this is a super food you should not live without if you’re trying to stay healthy. Plus, Metro usually has them for $3.99 for a bag of 5, which will last you all week.

7. Meal Prep 

Meal prepping is the best way to save money, get the most out of your food and stay healthy. Making baked chicken, rice, grilled veggies, there’s so many possibilities for meal prepping and you’ll have meals for five days. 

meal prep

8. Sweet Potato 

Yes, potato’s may be a vegetable but that doesn’t mean they’re good for you. Sweet potato’s are an alternative and healthy solution for a potato, plus they’re cheaper. 

9. Bulk Barn 

Bulk Barn is a great place to find healthy alternatives to pastas, flour, peanut butter etc. You save money there as well because you’re not paying for packaging and you can buy what you need rather than an entire box of product. 

10. Frozen Yogourt 

I enjoy the Double Dutch Chapman’s frozen yogourt, which is only 90 calories per half a cup and costs $3.99 when on sale at Metro. This usually lasts me 2-3 weeks, and cuts out my chocolate cravings in a healthy way. 

Being healthy isn’t as big of a challenge as you may think. Being on a tight budget may be hard at times, but there’s always a way you can give yourself a healthy lifestyle. 


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