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A toxic relationship- how did you end up in one? One moment your relishing in the honey moon phase, the next your are contemplating how you ended up in this tornado of BS! What’s worse is now you have to decide if and how to leave this clearly unhealthy situation–but, i know its tough! Toxic relationships often form between people we are closest to–making leaving all the more daunting. But, no matter who it’s between–your boyfriend, best friend, or even a family member, its not worth your happiness–you deserve better! Here’s 10 reasons removing  toxic relationship from your life will leave you happier!

  1. More Self-Confidence

Toxic relationships often involve a subtle take-down of your self-confidence. Key word being subtle!! What often makes relationships so toxic IS the sly and subtle way they  seek pick at your self-esteem. Maybe it’s a back-handed compliment, an unnecessary criticism, or the other person’s insecurity rubbing off on you! Whatever the means, before you know it, you’ve started to follow in their insecure footsteps! Dumping this relationship will mirror that of your junior high to high school glow-up– reclaim your self-confidence!! http://giphy.com/gifs/disney-cinderella-f4cH0FXbUmogg

2. You’ll Have More Time

Toxic relationships are more time consuming than healthy ones. Why? Because aside from the time you spend with the person physically, you probably spend time on your own mulling over the dysfunctionality of your interactions or dealing with their never-ending problems. Cutting out the relationship will free up more time than you ever imagined for things worth your time

3.  Clear Mind

Toxic relationships, especially ones that have been going on for too long, have the ability to take over your thoughts and leave your mind in the aftermath of a thought tornado. Removing the trigger–the toxic relationship–will be like a Spring cleaning for your brain! Hello again happy thoughts, long time no see!

4. Self-Worth Boost

Choosing to leave a negative relationship isn’t easy–if it was,  nobody would feel stuck in them! Mustering up the confidence to put your health and sanity first takes guts!! Which means when you do finally say “enough is enough”, you are valuing yourself as deserving of healthy, positive relationships. Realizing you are worthy of that simple truth is revitalizing!

5. New Opportunities to Develop Healthy Relationships

Toxic relationships have a sneaky way of cramping what feels like all of your time. Even if you are not physically with the person all the time, after spending time with them, you don’t feel up for socializing as a result of “interaction-exhaustion”. One less toxic relationship means more time and energy to invest in ones that…I don’t know…make you HAPPY! http://giphy.com/gifs/reactiongifs-mZb5SMtMuUWMo

6. Less Time in Angst

Ugh. That feeling that results as a mix of frustration, irritation, restlessness and confusion. Toxic relationships just make you feel like crap all the time. And for what reason? Trick question! There is no justifiable reason to stay in something that dulls your spark! Saying good-bye means feeling lighter and more free! http://giphy.com/gifs/girl-life-swag-GI9b05UVp1JCM

7. More Stable Mood

Toxic people come with toxic problems and somehow we end up amidst these problems with them, riding a roller coaster of emotions that never ends! Why should your life be controlled by another person’s emotions? Emotions have a huge impact on how we go about life and are frankly too important to be sabotaged by a toxic relationship. Remember,this is your life–take back control and hold onto your happiness. http://giphy.com/gifs/vh1-love-and-hip-hop-stevie-j-l4JzaFIzC33GmCQZW

8. Healthier Self-Image

Toxic relationships have the power to send your self-image to the ground.  The fact is, when people are miserable, they want other people to be miserable with them because similarities between people are a strong bonding force! Unfortunately, that means the closest people in their lives ofter bear the weight of the chains. Whether it be through their blunt negative remarks, or just the mere presence of this negative force, its easy to fall victim to self-loathing. The longer you stay, the more resentment you’ll have towards yourself–remind yourself how bomb you are and leave!http://giphy.com/gifs/love-girl-happy-gN49vbOVgeA

9. Less Drama

Drama to a certain degree is expected and even normal, but every week or everyday drama is not! It is so easy to get used to the presence of drama in your life, and pass it off as just something you have to deal with. But why put up with meaningless drama if you don’t have to..? A question so simple its almost laughable, but nevertheless its valid! Point being, you have too many goals to accomplish, places to go and laughs to be had to let toxic drama fill up your schedule!

10. Lower Cortisol Levels

…AKA less stress hormone pumping through your bloodstream. The scary thing is, our generation has grown up numb to stress and how impactful it is on our health. Its become so normal, so accepted that we forget it’s a real physiological response in the body caused mainly by the stress hormone cortisol! Cortisol is a hormone released by your adrenal glands in stressful situations, which can be good in the short term, but in long term, it quite literally damages the brain and body. Think accelerated aging, chronic disease, and lowering of brain function! That being said, there are many stressors in life that we can’t exactly rid from our lives, but a toxic relationship is highly severable. Less stress hormone=a more calm, zen, happy you! “Ain’t nobody got time for more stress”–so be proactive! http://giphy.com/gifs/oprah-bath-relaxing-MvZKiDJmB1XEs






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