10 Student Instagrammers You Need To Follow From American University

At this point in the summer, your Instagram is probably still being flooded by kids from your high school. Throwbacks to prom and poolside pics. You might have some orientation buds in your feed, but your followers are still pretty #hometown. It’s time for an AU update. Here are 10 Eagles you need to follow.

1.The Rice Gang (@ricegrainsofau)

It all began when the topic of rice cookers was brought up in the main chat around early April and suddenly the Asians came out of the woodwork and a chat about an underground rice cooker ring (shhh) was made. Over the next few months, the small group became one of the most popular & cool groups at AU. The Instagram account was made to showcase their crazy adventures in & around D.C.

“There’s a word here at Rice Gang that we like to use when thinking of adventures to do or new people to recruit, it has to be interestinguhhhhhhh.” -Bayram Furat, co-founder of Rice Grains of AU



 2.Olivia Glenning (@smolecules)

This pre-law Eagle’s account is aesthetic af. It’s full of pretty posts of one hella artsy babe.  If your taste is soft, art, and pink, then this one is for you.



3.AU Daddies (@audaddies)

You queer? They’re here. You’re straight? They’ll find you a mate. This page has the best of AU, and it’s for you. no matter your type, you’ll find someone on this page worth swiping right for TDR on.

4.Sameera Rajwade (@cummie.mummy)

She’s super cute. She’s got memes. She’s got food. There’s literally nothing else you could ask for. Just follow this chick already.

5. Mark Lu (@thedankmanktank)

Mark is the walking definition of a meme. This boy is even on the official AU meme fb page BEFORE he’s even started his first class. Not only will laugh till you can’t breathe, but you’ll also find some real facts in this boy’s quality content.

6. Isaac Sherman (iphoto_sherm)

Isaac is lowkey a professional photographer. If you want artsy pics, he is the Eagle for you. His account is beautiful and has everything from flowers to urban life and baseball Be on the lookout for him in the fall.

7.AU Baddies (@aubaddies)

At 62% female, it’s no secret that AU is a girl’s school. Double tap the prettiest and the most fly nasty women of AU. Their captions will leave you laughing, and their puns are on point. Appreciate this page, cause they were smart enough to recognize Kalsang (@kvlsvng), a beautiful member of the Rice Gang, in their first post.

8.Wine Moms of AU(@realwinemomsofau)

While Society 19 doesn’t support underage drinking, it is highly advised that you follow the real wine moms of AU. Get some giggles and real talk from your favorite wine moms. Not to mention Izzy (@_izzyquinones) is to die for gorgeous. Like literally. It’s ridiculous.

9.Boston by Day (@bostonbyday)

This may be called Boston by day, but you bet this account goes Tenleytown at night. The account may be AU with a touch from Northeastern, but it is THE account to hit up if you want artsy pics from D.C. & everywhere else these besties travel.


10.Allison Fernandez (@afernandez_24)

This is one bad baby Eagle. She’s so fine, even this girl’s birthday posts are cute. Her makeup, puns, and shade are always on point. She’s savage, so make sure you follow.



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