CU Boulder is not only a school known for its partying, amazing college town or beautiful mountain views, but it also is home to some of the trendiest girls around!  You NEED to follow all of these girls on Insta!


  1. Ella Rose McFadin (@ellarose)

If you’re from Orange County, CA or Boulder, CO, chances are you probably already follow Ella.  She’s the queen of aesthetic and is quite the trendsetter, along with some pretty amazing vacation posts.  

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  1. Nicole Lloyd (@nicoleelloydd)

Nicole is another OC Native, and a free spirit.  Her Instagram feed is colorful and full of smiles!



  1. Allison Elizabeth Fish (@allisonfishh)

Allison is a true fun lover.  She posts anything from a vacation in Vail to Italy.  She always seems to be up to something fun!  



  1. Emily Rose Klein (@emilyroseklein)

Emily has a true eye for design.  Her eye for colors and patterns make for an aesthetically PERFECT feed full of pastels.



  1. Natalie Newman (@nataliennewman)

Natalie, despite being an insta-queen is also a model! Her smile is contagious even through the phone, and her posts show the perfect college experience!



  1. Ari Goldwasser (@arigoldwasser)

Ari is a true Colorado girl.  Originally from Highland Park, this girl is the epitome of effortlessly cool.



  1. Bree Cevaal (@breecevaal)

Bree is not only a beauty on insta, but she is also an entrepreneur!  She owns a clothing company called June Threads (@junethreads) where she makes some pretty rad clothes!  She is a California girl at heart, but also fits in perfectly in Boulder.



  1. Kennedy Maling (@kennedymaling)

Kennedy has sparkling eyes and great style.  Her pictures show her style + her fun side with her sorority sisters!



  1. Julia Jensen (@jujuujensun)

Julia is a true travel-junkie.  Her posts make you nostalgic for an adventure with your friends, somewhere far away.



  1. Riley Romano (@rileyamelia)

Riley posts simple yet cute pictures, showcasing her usual half-smile.  We can tell she loves being outdoors whether it be the mountains or the ocean.  




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