10 Student Instagrammers You Need To Follow From University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Instagram is the main social networking app that we use to keep up with our friends, stalk some of our exes, follow our favorite celebrities and influencers, and for some of us where we develop a platform for our career. Almost every college student has an Instagram, and the students of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities are no exception. While some feeds are riddled with pictures from a night out with friends or photos from a study abroad, these are some of my favorite Instagram accounts of students at UMN.


  1. Cece Sjoquist (@cecesjoquist)


Cece makes you want to drop out of college and go adventure around Europe for the rest of your life; her feed is goals for your inner wanderluster. After 7 months abroad, her pictures are so vibrant and full of an adventurous beauty that it makes you want to teleport across the Atlantic and wind up on the shores of Europe.


  1. Ryan Crotty (@ryan.crotty)


If you’re a fan of the A6 filter on the VSCO app then look no farther, because Ryan is the human embodiment of that filter and finding the beauty in the littlest things. From the pictures of her amongst wildflowers to the view of her simple breakfast, Ryan can make anything look beautiful to fit her feed.


  1. Hannah Storer (@hannahstorer)


Hannah’s feed is full of the lush outdoors and she makes the cold winters of Minnesota look so much more photogenic than it feels. She’s an incredible landscape photographer and I would love to go chasing sunsets with her someday!


  1. Maxwell Palmer (@maxwell_palmer)


With his witty captions and white Instagram grid, Maxwell is the epitome of #GOALS. A simple picture of his latte at the famed Spyhouse Coffee or a view of his shoes (whether bird’s eyes or sky high) creates Maxwell’s aesthetic feed.


  1. Jozy Caulfield (@jozycaulfield)


Every time I scroll through Jozy’s feed, I feel compelled to go rummage through my closet to try and recreate her classic and girly style. Her love of pastels both soft and vibrant, are sure to brighten up your day just by looking at her latest picture.


  1. Bri Flasch (@briflasch)


I would describe Bri as an old soul, because I swear she was transported to the 21st century from a different time period, mainly the 80s. She is an avid fan of primary colors and vintage-y warm tones. At only the age of 19, Bri is the girl to call for moody and colorful portrait photos.


  1. Neeha Bondal (@neehabondal)


Not only does Neeha have an incredible sense of style, she is the new badass in the concrete jungle called Minneapolis. Neeha is a double threat as the co-creator and stylist behind the website flowerdiesel.com! Every picture on her feed has an artsy and urban quality to it, and I just can’t get enough!


  1. Sydney Sand (@sydneynicolesand)


Sydney Sand was born to be in front of a camera, every single pose she conveys so beautifully and effectively. Don’t be surprised if you find Sydney amongst an assortment of flowers or casting shadows with a simple palm leaf at the perfect angle. Her feed is so captivating that you are compelled to double tap every post!


  1. Ben Mezzenga (@benmezzenga)


Not only is Ben super charming but his sense of humor is one of the best things about his Instagram feed (and personality)! Ben can’t resist a witty remark in his captions. Can he write my captions because I don’t think my use of song lyrics is cutting it anymore?


  1. Nicki Lamkin (@simply.nic)


If you’re lacking some inspiration for your next Insta post, then look no farther than Nicki! Her photos are bright and lively, just like your mood after your morning cup of coffee. Looking for some beautiful and artsy locations in Minneapolis? Then definitely follow Nicki. All of her location tags are places I’ve been dying to see in the Twin Cities!


If you follow these Golden Gophers, your Instagram news feed will surely be more eye-catching!

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