Parking passes, room assignments, and math placement tests seem to be the only thing you need to know going into orientation at University of Rhode Island…but it’s not. Keep reading to find out 10 things that every student wishes they knew before starting orientation.

1. You don’t have to hit the gym before orientation.

Orientation and leg day all in one! Freshmen fifteen will not be something we have to worry about with that damn hill.

2. Bring water!!!

There is only one stop during the day to get lunch, if you don’t bring a water bottle you will probably feel like dried up Spongebob by the end of the day.

3. You don’t have to dress super cute.

Most orientation days its either raining or extremely hot so unless you want to get your brand new top all wet, leave it home. And those super cute sandals that squeeze your toes a little too tight giving you blisters can skip orientation too, your feet can thank me later.

4. You can adjust the air conditioner in Barlow and Weldin…

You will be surprised with how many people don’t know this and freeze all night, I did.

5. Warm up your voices

Not a morning person? Well thats too bad because your overly cheerful orientation leader will have everyone cheering, chanting, and singing from sun up to sun down. RHODY RHODY RHODY RAMS RAMS RAMS

6. Do not worry about your temporary one-night roommate arrangements.

I think everyone worries about this but in reality the only time you’re all in the room together is when you’re asleep.

7. Remember everyone is just as nervous as you are

Orientation is a place where you’re forced to be around people you would never expect to be friends with. Go into your group with an open mind, you could meet people you really like. orientation

8. Get there as early as possible

Unless you want to be stuck on the top bunk…

9. Do not stress about your at home math placement test

You take it again on orientation 😉


You have to look at this photo for a year… I have bed head in mine, enough said.


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