Aside from the seemingly never-ending walk from the center of campus, Towers residents experience res-life at a totally unique level.

1. The infamous stairs.

You can spot them all the way from the Chemistry building. These seemingly innocent stairs leading up to the glory that is Towers are not at all what they seem. You could be a marathon runner, but time and time again these stairs will leave you breathless by the time you reach the top. Forget talking with your mom on the phone, because you’ll be gasping for that Horsebarn Hill air before you know it.


2. That smell outside the dining hall.

No one is ever quite sure what it is or where it comes from. It could be the Horsebarn Hill air rolling down with the wind, or maybe its those new “blended burgers.” We all ask the question, but don’t ever really want to know the answer.


3. (Aside from the weekend) You love Tuesdays.

The only thing getting you through an afternoon class Tuesday is the fact that good old Gelfenbein is hookin’ you up with some stir fry bar. No matter how much or how many times you eat it, you always find yourself craving it again next week. You better get there before 6:15 though, or you know that line is going to be around the corner.


4. Red and Blue are the most important colors.

You know these bus lines like the back of your hand, and if you don’t, you better invest in a moped. Yes, more often than not the bus will leave you out in the cold for a few extra minutes (or 20), but sometimes with a stroke of luck, they will pull up to your rescue in a time of need.

9/11/16 UConn Bus by Zhelun Lang A UConn campus bus is passing through University of Connecticut, Storrs.

5. You probably know majority of the Greek alphabet.

Aside from freshmen as far as the eye can see, Towers is teeming with Greek life at all hours of the day. Being right next to Husky Village, your chances of seeing at least one article of clothing bearing a Greek organization exceeds 100%


6. Saturday/Sunday breakfast attire.

Towers: where “Sunday best” takes on a whole new meaning. Weekend breakfasts are the time to flaunt your best groutfit or funky pajama pants, because you can count on the only full face of makeup you’re seeing being one left on from the night before.

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7. Fall semester quad parties.

Just when you thought there wasn’t enough night life, why not throw a party on the volleyball court? Freshmen drinking out of Grab and Go cups and Pringles cans while blaring music from Allen hall might be enough to raise suspicion in THA.

8. That realization about where the name “Towers” actually came from.

Everyone eventually has that “Ah-ha” moment when they’re walking down the quad towards Husky Village. Maybe, just maybe the name came from those two giant UConn water towers looming above our heads. Not sure though, just a thought.


9. Cows just might be your new favorite animal.

With Horsebarn Hill just right across the street, the cutest farm animals in the game are only a hop, skip and a jump away. Oh, and Horsebarn sunsets make for quite the room with a view, but maybe that’s just me.


10. Love it or hate it, some of your best friendships came from living in Towers.

Being an all freshmen hot-spot, there’s a certain bonding that goes on in the first week of school when everyone is trying to make friends. Chances are, you love the people on your floor, but if not, you’ve probably found another one across the quad that you love even more.


What happens in Towers, stays in Towers (probably because it’s so far away).



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