There are certain common experiences that will forever bond freshman, but for those that live on UD’s East Campus, there are few specific things that only those former and current residents will know to be true.

  1. The struggle of being too lazy to go to Main Street. Yes, the walk is not that bad, but after rolling out of bed on a Saturday morning, walking that far for brunch is less than appealing.mainstreet
  2. Finding a machine at the Harrington Gym. Sure if you feel like getting yourself out of bed any time before 11 then you likely get your choice of treadmills and stair-steppers. For most of us freshman, were either messed with the privilege of sleeping in most mornings or cursed with an 8 am, and either way that means the gym is a not a morning activity. The struggle of deciding whether to vie for a machine at Harrington or make the trek to the Little Bob is ongoing.harrington2
  3. Walking through Perkins simply to avoid another minute of being outside. Whether it was the first weeks of the semester with unbearable heat or the polar vortex of finals, we’ve all taken the “shortcut” through Perkins to spare us from actually dealing with the elements. Despite the fact that there are two student centers, it’s the only one you go to because, once again, walking is hard and making you way to Trabant takes too much effort.perkins-student-center-725-360-c
  4. Running out of points because you spent them all at the Harrington Pod. Most freshman realize pretty early that Caesar Rodney won’t do for every meal, and the POD quickly becomes your saving grace, but that also means running out of points earlier than planned and making the painful call to your parents that you need more money, so you can keep making midnight  ice cream runs.
  5. Harrington Beach is not a beach and it never will be. They tried to convince incoming students that everyone refers to the turf on East Campus by this name, but if you were to actually use it, everyone would look at you as though your insane. It’s a cute idea, but two volleyball courts with sand and a field of green does not qualify as a beach no matter how you spin it.harringtonturf
  6. Once the cold weather comes, walking to a frat party is an experience. The good ones are always far away, and as much as you repeat to yourself that Cleveland isn’t that far, when you’re going more than a mile in a thin top on a 30 degree night it gets harder and harder to convince yourself.fratcleveland
  7. The disappointment of wanting takeout from the dining hall on the weekend and realizing Russell is closed. Knowing you have to walk the extra several hundred feet to Rodney and that you can’t bring your food back to your dorm to eat in pajamas on your bed makes you appreciate Russell that much more.russell
  8. There is nowhere for your parents to park when they come to pick you up. Everyone has experienced the struggle of having one parent stay with the car in the no parking zone while the other helps you move things out of your dorm.redding
  9. Visiting other freshman dorms and realizing everything they have that you don’t. For those lucky enough to be in Redding or Gilbert, the envied looks from Lane or Thompson residents who spend the first and last month of school without AC is to be expected. Seeing how Harrington and Russell have Z-shaped rooms while the newer buildings are the typical college dorm setup makes it easy to compare living situations. The first semester is spent determining which freshmen really do have it best. redding2
  10. Finding common ground with East Campus residents that you’re all thankful you don’t live on North, a shuttle ride away from classes. As much as your own dorm situation might suck, imagining having to navigate campus as a freshman and figure out the bus system seems pretty daunting. You get to be thankful to spend your first year surrounded by other clueless freshmen. northcampus


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