Your parents have always been there to guide you through the good and bad times. In college, they cannot be there as often, so they make sure to send you off to school with some good old words of wisdom.

  1. Be safe
    1. Sometimes they mean in general, other times they mean sexually. Just tell them what they want to hear!
  2. Don’t forget to call me
    1. The distance between you and your parents when you head off to school is usually much harder on them. You know you couldn’t go long without talking to your mom, but she sometimes needs the reassurance. Phone Call Gif
  3. School is your priority
    1. As if you didn’t already know this! Parents always worry that your BAC will be higher than your GPA, lol.
  4. Don’t pick up a random drink
    1. Although this seems common sense, sending their babies off to party at frats is scary for parents, and knowing they won’t be there to protect you makes them nuts!                                        Tequila Gif
  5. Don’t walk anywhere alone at night
    1. Although you’ve heard it a thousand times, this tip is actually a good one!
  6. Make friends
    1. As if you would want to go through school a recluse who watches Netflix alone; at least find your bff that will watch Netflix with you!
  7. Know your limits
    1. Parents always worry about you becoming a huge partier when you leave the nest. Most likely you will be, but knowing your limits is always key to not waking up in an alley.
  8. Do your laundry
    1. Without mom there washing your clothes, the dirty pile grows like a chia pet; at least TRY to keep up with it.
  9. Save your money
    1. Believe it or not, they are right about this one. Blowing through your entire bank account is easier to do than you would think! broke gif
  10. We love you
    1. You may be a hard ass, but when your parents are about to leave you and go home; this will be the only thing you will want to hear…tear drop.



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