Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror after getting ready and feel like something is lacking? As if you just need that oomph to bring that outfit to the next level? Well, I bring you 10 easy tips to add some edginess to your outfits– whether you want to add a touch of rebel or bring your outfit from day to night, these tips will surely have you ready to rise to the occasion this fashion season.

1. Leather (obviously)

Whether its a leather jacket, top or pants- leather is an ageless material that brings any outfit from plain jane to edgy reggie (is that a thing?) and will have you looking gritty af.




2. Fringe

Ok although leather is the obvious way to add edge to your outfit, fringe falls on the line between boho and edgy, depending on how you style it. In my opinion, when both of these styles overlap its an unreal combo and you are sure to make heads turn asking you, “Where’d you get that?”





3. Chokers

Over the past year and a half this major nostalgic trend has made a comeback much like a boomerang. As everything in fashion, it all comes back around again. and this 90’s accessory for sure makes a statement.




4. Unconventional Elements

Sounds weird doesn’t it? What it really means: let your creative juices fly. If you want to add some edge to your outfit, mixing n matching clothing pieces that don’t “naturally” go together (i.e business meets street style), certainly makes one hell of an outfit.



That’s a night gown/slip dress btw with a white tee… unconventional huh?


5. Distressed Pieces

While no surprise ripped jeans have always been around, the Kanye West’s adidas project definitely set this trend over the edge. With damaged tees and ripped denim, the distressed trend definitely yells edgy.




6. Asymmetry/Draping

Don’t worry, no need to dig up that middle school geometry knowledge to get this tip. Asymmetric clothing such as shirts, jackets and dresses, allow you to step out of the traditional line and be bold. Just like the outfits below!

7. Statement Shoes

Statement necklaces, meh. Statements shoes? yes yes yes. I own shoes like nobody’s business, cliche I know, but I just like to be prepared for whatever mood I’m in. Whether they’re print or some funky material like velvet, statement shoes will raise your edginess from 0-100 real quick.




8. Ring Sets

As a personal lover of layering jewelry, including rings, it may seem uncomfortable to have so much on your fingers but trust me, it is not a bother. Something some minute such as wearing more rings than usual, especially per finger, can really give your outfit that extra oomph.

9. Oversized Jean Jackets

The oversized look has become a favorite as it is both conventional and cute, especially in jean jackets. Jean jackets are perfect for the fall or the spring and can be easily found at your local thrift store (where i found mine) or your grandmothers closet. Either way, this denim piece is a must have for some edge.




10. Lace

Whether it be to peak out of your tank or your sweater, lace is sexy in any shape or form. So own it when you wear it with your everyday outfits because who says lace is only for the bedroom?




While these 10 tips are incredibly helpful, the list can go on when it comes to adding some edge to your outfits, as Cady Heron would say, “the limit does not exist” (Mean Girls anyone?). All it takes is some creativity and some willingness to step outside the box… just don’t go overboard and let this article guide your next outfit! Good Luck xox


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