SUNY Oswego is a special place. It is hard to say you could go to another college and have all the experiences that you get to have in Oswego. From the hockey nights to world-class sunsets, the opportunities are endless. That is why as freshman it is extremely easy to get overwhelmed with everything that is new and exciting around you. Follow this list of 13 pieces of advice to get through your freshmen year in the most memorable way possible!

2. See as many sunsets as possible. 

As soon as you see your first Lake Ontario sunset you will realize what all the hype is about. It is rated #2 in the world for a reason. So, throughout your freshmen year be sure to find your way down to the lake at the end of your busy day. Either alone or with friends, you’ll quickly feel the calm that only the Oswego sunsets can provide.

2. Go to class!

This is a given. Go to your classes. I promise there will be so many days that you would rather sleep through your 8am but at the end of the semester you will be wishing you went when your professor surprises you with extra credit based on attendance. (That actually happens)

3. Make your dorm feel like home!

You will get homesick. Don’t feel like you’re alone! Your first few weeks in Oswego are a completely new experience for you, so it is nice to have a place you can call you home, even if it is your small dorm room. Hang pictures, add decorations, do whatever it takes for yourself to have a comfy space you can call home at the end of every busy day.

4. Go to the activity fair during the first week of classes

You may think it is stupid or you don’t have time to go walk around the Campus Center arena and look at club tables for a half hour, but I can promise you, it will be one of the best things you will do in your first weeks at Oswego. There will be hundreds of clubs- sign up for one or two! You may just meet your college best friend!

5. Have some fun!

Your first night in Oswego as freshmen there is a huge carnival specifically for you guys. Go enjoy it and eat the free food! As silly as it might all look and be- it’s a great time to meet people!

6. Go to the RA events

In whatever hall you are living in your RA will be planning little get-togethers for you during the first week. This is an easy way for you to get to know the people you are living with! Its always nice to know your neighbors, especially when you run out of something at 2am.

7. Call your parents.

Make sure you call your parents! They miss you more than you know and that five minute conversation you have with them, even once a week will mean the world to them.

8. Go to that party

Take a risk and get dressed up and head out with your friends! Far warning- the frats will be hot and the beer will be gross. Bring a mixed drink and welcome to college!

9. Love the D-Bus

If you do fall in love with the Oswego party scene, get to know and love the D-Bus. Those guys will see you at your best and worst. Love them and all they deal with each weekend. Also- call ahead of time…5 minutes is never 5 minutes.

10. Plan your time!

Learn during your first week how long it takes you to get somewhere! When you have back to back classes and they are in Rich and Lanigan you will learn how to power walk. Spread out your time and always give yourself an extra few minutes to get anywhere!

11. Go to the hockey games

Hockey and SUNY Oswego are like peanut butter and jelly.  The tickets are free at the box office and the fun you have is priceless. Even if you don’t necessarily like hockey, the atmosphere in itself is a great time.

12. Bring multiple coats

The weather in Oswego is so unpredictable. Make sure you have sweatshirts, raincoats and winter coats. Who knows, you might just need them all in one week!

13. Enjoy Yourself!

You are probably starting to get excited and nervous about moving in and starting this next chapter of your life. But I can promise you, there is no need to be scared. You will find your place here in Oswego. But in the meantime, laugh at the uncertainty and enjoy this crazy, fun, and unpredictable time!




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