15 Fun & Cheap Date Ideas Near Kent State

Its always hard to decide what to do for a date. Sometimes you want to something different but don’t have the budget and want it to be fun. Follow these 15 ideas and you will have a date to remember.


There are many places to go bowling near Kent State, like Kent Lanes-11th Frame which they have Ladies Night on Wednesday and Bill White’s Twin Star Lanes. If you prefer to stay on campus, Eastway has a good bowling alley to spend your time at.



2.Ice Skating

Kent State has its own ice skating arena. This idea is for a good date that you would like to make if your date likes to be active. It shouldn’t matter it the person doesn’t know who to skate… it can be a good excuse for holding hands the whole night and get to know more each other




3.University Plaza theatre

Near Kent State, there is a theatre at University Plaza. It offers great discounts for students and also on Monday’s its only $5 dollars. Movies is an easy option and a great last minute date.



4.Yogurt or Ice cream

Downtown Kent has great places for something sweet like insomnia and Yogurt VI. These dates are great if you want to get to know the person and talk. It can be a good excuse if you want to walk downtown after.



5.Downtown park

If you go downtown Kent, its likely you will find a park to walk. It has bike trails, train railroads, kayaking, and a beautiful waterfall to look at.  Its a beautiful place to be at if you want some peace and an amazing view at nature.



6. Coffee

Many people enjoy coffee, thankfully there are many places that sell great quality coffee at a good price. At Downtown Kent there’s a local place called tree city coffee. They sell organic coffee and offer all- day breakfast sandwiches. Going on a coffee date can be a simple and relaxing thing to do.



7. Rise and Shine

Breakfast dates are great and usually cheap. Rise and Shine at Downtown Kent offers a great variety of plates. Who wouldn’t like to do something different for a date once in a while?



8. Firefly

If your date likes the idea of hookah bars, Firefly is the best place to go.  They are open after the Evening and close at 3am.  The atmosphere is relaxing and they also offer desserts. It can be a creative date idea and you can have a decent conversation.


9. Popped!

Popped! has signature popcorn and ice cream at Downton Kent, its a fast date idea and it tends to be cheap. Their signature popcorn includes caramel, white cheddar and firehouse caramel. Also they make their own ice cream with unique delicious flavors. If you’re looking for something sweet on your date you should definitely stop by.



10. Drive in Movie

This is one of the cutest ideas for a date. You get to bring your snacks, talk in the car, and its just a sweet idea. Near Kent State there is one called Midway Drive In Theatre, it has two screens and its only $20 for the carload.



11. Kent State Theatre

The Performing Arts building has shows going on all year. Its a cheap and easy date and if you’re a Kent State student you don’t need to purchase a ticket. The good thing about this date is that you can dress up really nice and enjoy performances.



12. Football Games

Kent State tends to have many football games. This date is cheap since you don’t have to pay anything if you’re a student and its fun if you’re really into sports. Why not get into your college spirit with your date?



13. Comedy Shows

Downtown Kent has a local called Stone Tavern which tend to offer live bands and comedy shows. This idea of a date can be great to get to know each other and laugh all night.


14. Picnic

Kent State is surrounded by beautiful landscape that during the warm weather it can serve as a perfect date.  All you need is your basket, easy to make food and drinks. You also get to focus more on getting to know the person and its interests.


15. Workout

Kent State has many places to workout like the Recreational Center. They offer many classes and it can be a good idea to see your partner work off and sweat a little if you want something more active and feel comfortable. Also in Downtown Kent you can easily go to the park and do some routines. Using this as a date idea you barely have to pay for anything and both can have fun.





As you can see there are many things to do for a date at Kent State. Each idea is different and there can be something new that you haven’t tried. Hopefully all of these ideas can help you as a fun and cheap date at Kent.


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