Before anything, just know it takes a LOT of guts to ask someone to a dance. It’s prom, the best dance for the 2 most stressful school years of your life. You have 2 chances, don’t let this once date go to waste!

  1. For the girls getting back home from a beach spring break
  2. Who would turn down wings?
  3. Any TV series will do, but OTH beats them all
  4. Once again, food
  5. Prom Angel
  6. Sarcasm at it’s best
  7. Drake or Date????
  8. For those athletic girls
  9. Beach. Couples. Roses. Prom?
  10. No one could turn down a kitty cat as a prom date!
  11. *Riding Solo by Jason Derulo or Red solo cup plays in the back of your mind*
  12. High school musical in prom for. Heck to the yes.
  13. I’m not sure whats sweeter, the idea or the cookie cake?
  14. The heart says it all.
  15. Just do it and say Yes!


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