15 Things You’ll Regret NOT Doing at Ohio University


No one wants to go through life with regrets. Every person who has ever told you “College is the best four years of your life” is absolutely right, and there is zero time to waste. Once each year of college progressively flies by, you begin to realize that there are opportunities that you need to take advantage of that may never present themselves again. With that said, if you go to Ohio University, here’s some of the things that you definitely can NOT miss out on:


1. Skipping class when it’s 70 degrees in February.

Cut yourself some slack. You’ve been working tirelessly all semester and your parents are still going to be proud of you if you miss ONE class. On the contrary, your friends will never forgive you if you don’t go lounge on your front porch with them.


2. Staying in Athens for the summer.

Sure, our quaint little town shrinks by 10 sizes when all of the students leave after finals. However, what you will discover by staying in a college town when school is not in session, is that Athens is so much more than just a college town.


3. Stealing an Athens brick.

Please do not break anything (including the law) in order to accomplish this. Chances are, there is a loose brick laying around in the foundation of this town, just waiting to be taken home, cleaned up and cherished for the rest of your life.



4. Hitting up Union Street Diner in the middle of the night.

After a long night out with your friends, don’t go home and destroy your kitchen. Those stale Doritos wont satisfy you. Go to USD, a 24-hour Athens institution, and have yourself some bacon and eggs. Or chicken fingers. Or mac ‘n’ cheese bites…


5. People watching.

We have one of the most unique college towns on the map. If you sit on a bench on Court Street for a couple of hours, you never know what you’re going to see: a guy with a pet squirrel on a leash, a gay couple getting married on the courthouse steps, and many more.


6. People talking.

Befriend some of the people that you gawk at on the street. Every person that I’ve ever spoken to who has been in this town for a while has an amazing story to tell. These people are so passionate and rich with experience that you’ll feel wiser by having one conversation with them.


7. Going to local social events, not just your sorority’s social events.

Local bands have the chance to play live music at Casa Nueva every week. Inspiring intellectuals read poetry aloud at Donkey Coffee. Musical comedies are performed at nearby theaters. There’s something going on every day, so go get cultured!


8. Scaring the sh*t out of yourself at the Ridges.

A once-abandoned insane asylum now sits at the top of a hill, looking eerily over our campus. Since Athens is one of the most haunted places in the world, you’d be missing out on a pretty eye-opening experience if you didn’t venture up there with your friends in the middle of the night.


9. Hiking up Bong Hill.

No, smoking weed while you walk is not a requirement. What you really need to go there for is the view. You’ll never see Athens quite like this.

bong hill


10. Walking/running/biking on the bike path.

Running parallel to the Hocking River, our bike path is one of the longest and most beautiful routes for exercising. Get a group of friends a few pairs of roller blades and take a break from the bars for a day!


11. Grabbing a bite from the food truck.

Athens isn’t exactly L.A. when it comes to food trucks, but we house some of the most delicious and out-of-the-box mobile eateries that you’ll ever see in your life. My favorites include a chocolate food truck and a baked potato food truck. Mmmmm.

chocolate truck


12. Taking a “Hot Nut” at Tony’s.

Shots are supposed to be cold, right? Wrong. This one-of-a-kind bar is rarely stuffed with students, but with the eccentric, tattooed, biker gang type of drinkers. For their sophisticated crowd, Tony’s designed a hot coffee shot that you definitely can’t pass up.


13. Shuffling through every single bar on Court Street.

We all have our regular hangouts where we know the bartenders by name and finish out every Friday night. But it’s places like the Cats Eye, the Smiling Skull, and Tony’s where you’ll have an unexpectedly fun time with your friends in a place that has been right under your nose the entire time.


14. Staying up all night to watch the sun rise on HOUmecoming.

Ahh, the most glorious weekend of the entire year. You haven’t done it right unless you’ve stayed awake through the night in order to be up in the morning for Kegs ‘n’ Eggs and that gorgeous Athens sunrise.



15. Getting in your car with your friends and letting the back roads lead you home.

Remember how I told you to skip class? Here’s what to do after that. Grab all of your friends, get in the car and just drive. There are no wrong turns or wrong decisions, because all roads in Athens lead home.

court st


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