Philadelphia is one of the greatest cities in America. Packed with culture, great food, and some odd traditions, anyone who has ever lived in the city of brotherly love can consider themselves lucky.

  1. Frequenting Wawa more than your own kitchen

    You go to Wawa at least once, twice, or even three times every day. You’ve probably heatedly defended the beloved Philadelphia convenience store to Sheetz lovers too many times to count. Hoagiefest is celebrated widely among the city.

  2. Constantly telling outsiders that Paddy’s Pub isn’t real

    “Can we go to Paddy’s Pub?” or “Is Paddy’s Pub really in Philadelphia?” are questions you’ve continuously been asked by family and friends from out of town and of course your answer is always no, which is commonly met by disappointment.

  3. We all took a field trip to the Franklin Institute

    Whether you went to private school, public school, or were even homeschooled, you’ve taken a school trip to the Franklin Institute. The exhibit of the Giant Heart is something you and your classmates will always remember.

  4. The Liberty Bell was also a popular education filled trip

    Alongside the Franklin Institute, America’s favorite broken bell is also a frequented field trip destination for all Philadelphia elementary schools. We all remember standing in line to see Philly’s most iconic antique, being a little underwhelmed, and then heading to the gift shop to purchase a tiny replica.  1200px-Liberty_Bell_2008-1

  5. Not actually paying attention to local history

    Sure, those field trips in the 4th grade to the Liberty Bell were great and educational for those who paid attention, however, aside from those few day trips, most residents of Philadelphia never actually go back to these historical attractions. We could walk p Old City Hall every day for 10 years, yet never actually go in.

  6. Laughing at the sight of cheesesteaks on any menu outside of Philadelphia

    There is hardly anything Philadelphia is known for more than cheesesteaks. Pat’s, Geno’s, Dalessandro’s, Tony Luke’s, and more are some of the best Cheesesteak places in the world and seeing the word “cheesesteak” on any menu outside of our city is just laughable.


  7.  Philadelphia’s Slang

    There’s no slang like Philly slang. Step outside of the greater Philly area and you’ll receive funny looks every time you say jawn, drawlin’, boul, and ard.


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