20 Signs That You Grew Up in Bucks County

Bucks County, on paper, is an ideal place to raise a family. It’s quaint and has a great mix of people; however, for those entering their teenage years, it can seem slightly bland and boring. We cover up where we live by masking our distance from Philadelphia and our towns are filled with a mix of kids who shop at high end stores and those who prefer our thriving department stores.

  1. You tell anyone new that you meet that you’re from Philly

    Even though all of Bucks County is at least a 30 min drive without traffic into the City of Brotherly Love, Pennsylvanians often associate themselves with major cities to avoid explaining that most of their town is actually covered in farms- nothing like the big city we all dream of escaping to. Therefore, when meeting someone new you just say “yeah I’m from Philly!”

  2. You go to Belmar with your girlfriends and take a cute pic at Playa Bowls

    If you’re looking for a chance to hit the waves, Belmar is the closest beach- a 40 minute drive. You will most likely run into fellow classmates, teachers or even family members as this beach is bursting with all the Bucks County residents. Before your beach day is over, you and your friends have to stop at the hip smoothie store called Playa Bowls. I can certainly say the food is amazing and worth the long wait!

  3. You blame Sesame Place for the summer traffic

    Although most of us are way beyond the Sesame Place years, it is a dream for all little kids. Its location in Langhorne attracts families from all over, creating the most intense traffic any suburban girl has seen.

  4. You know at least 4 people who work at Sesame Place

    Honestly, no matter where in Bucks County you live, you most likely know people who work at Sesame Place. I personally know people who live in Philly and still make the drive to the park. The money is good, the hours are long, but the uniforms are atrocious!

  5. You watch the reenactment of Washington crossing the Delaware every Christmas

    Whether it’s snowing or just plain freezing, you and your family end up making the Christmas morning drive to Washington’s Crossing to watch a group of men in costumes cross the Delaware River- although it’s extremely interesting, they rarely make it over to the other side due to the weather.

  6.  You always see someone you know (whether you like it or not) at the local Wawa

    Since most places close at 9 pm, you will undoubtedly find everyone and their mother at Wawa in the late hours of the night. It’s a perfect, wallet-friendly, place to grab anything from hoagies to ice cream. Wawa > Sheets!!!!

  7. Every girl owns a green army jacket and a pair of riding boots

    Throw away your Uggs and North Face jackets friends, there’s a new trend in Bucks County. I have to say I am guilty of this trend, but it’s hard to resist the jackets and boots. Army jackets are both stylish and extremely versatile-same goes for riding boots!

  8. You’ve heard of or most likely attended The Best Prom in America

    What?? This small town in PA has The Best Prom in America? Voted by WHO? That’s right- In 2004 Readers Digest voted Pennsbury High School’s senior prom the Best Prom in America. With handmade decorations that are created by the student body during the school year and celebrity guests, most recently DJ Pauly D and Questlove, there is no doubt that this school throws an epic prom!

  9. You’re either a die-hard Penn Stater, Temple Owl or Pittsburgh Panther

    Though a lot of Bucks County venture off out of state for college, a majority of them find themselves cheering on PSU, Temple or Pitt in their years after high school. Either way if you attend any of those schools, you most likely end up with an obnoxious amount of car decor and apparel. Personally, I can’t fully support one of those schools, as I am one of those in the minority group that is venturing out of state. But to make my best friend happy, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FOR THE CHERRY AND THE WHITE

  10. You’re often stuck in the middle between what professional athletic teams to support

    Literally I’ve seen every single team supported in this area. Although we are so close to the Eagles, Phillies and Flyers, their reputation doesn’t give Bucks County residents a huge reason to support them. While there are definitely a great number of fans, we have a large fan base of Giants, Yankees and Penguins fans.

  11. Tyler State Park is the answer for any bored teenager

    Whether you’re going for a hike, a game of Frisbee golf or turn of the “forbidden” rope swing, Tyler State Park is your answer! Between Northhampton and Newtown this 1,000+ mile park is a great place to hang out with friends. Friendly to all hiking skills, the nature here is beautiful. Soccer fields, Frisbee golf and plenty of picnic tables are just a few of the amenities at Tyler.

  12. You’ve probably questioned the definition of Bucks County on urban dictionary

    While the statistics may be true, no teenage resident of Bucks County would verify the facts stating that BC is “offers many fun and exciting family oriented activities” and “It is hard to believe that there are people who criticize a place as wonderful as Bucks County, PA.”

  13. There’s nothing to do after 9pm

    Went to a school event and want to grab some ice cream after? Good luck finding a place that is still opened! Decide to hang out with your friends at 8:30? Better hurry somewhere quickly! Literally everything closes at 9. Hence why Wawa is so popular!

  14. You never pump your own gas

    With such a close proximity to New Jersey (not even kidding like 3 minutes), most people take a quick drive to Trenton for some gas. The gas is cheaper and for all the extremely lazy people, gas attendants pump your gas for you in Jersey. #blessup

  15. You question the Trenton Makes bridge

    On your way to and from Jersey, you typically pass by or on the Trenton Makes The World Takes Bridge. While it makes for cool pictures, you probably question, what the heck is Trenton making that the whole World is taking????

  16. Every other weekend is spent at Penn’s Landing

    Once summer hits, Radio 104.5 hosts a series of block parties with a variety of artists. The tickets are cheap, the drive is short and the music is great. Past the block parties, if any big name comes to Penn’s Landing, you are sure to be riding the train into the city with your entire town.


    Most teens say all there is to do is eat. Although there are definitely other options, Bucks County has its fair share of hip, unique and fine dining. A lot of places won’t hurt your wallet; however, a few may make a dent. To name a few of my personal favorites- Pat’s Pizza, Pretty Bird Cafe (so hip!!!), The Yardley Ice House, Marsha Brown and Caleb’s.

  18. Let’s talk politics

    There are always political conflicts, purely based on the fact that we are almost evenly divided between political parties. President Trump came to the local gym, where he had huge support. While Clinton came to Philadelphia with equal support. Throughout all high schools tensions were extremely high during the 2016 election.

  19. FARMS!

    Sometimes it feels like you’re in the Midwest, when in actuality you’re driving through Southern PA. Most of PA is occupied by farmland. Truly not joking. You are either in the outskirts of Philly, Pittsburgh or Harrisburg. Besides that you’re driving through miles of farmland and mining. This can make for some pretty boring drives.

  20. What movie?

    There have actually been a plethora of movies filmed in the Bucks County area, although if you ask any resident about it they would probably be confused. Of course, referring to number 16, the Sci-Fi movie  Signs does an accurate job of portraying the area.

    By: C. Shoneman


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