Morgantown is a college town that is forever growing. Some of us are even lucky enough to be born and raised here. Here are 20 signs you grew up in Morgantown, West Virginia!


1.       You basically bleed gold and blue

Chances are you knew every word to Country Roads and knew exactly who Dana Holgorson was at a pretty young age. “Football season” and “basketball season” replace the words “fall” and “winter” around here.


2.       See a bad driver? They’re probably from New Jersey.

Okay, this one isn’t a fact, but it’s something that is taught to most of us at a very young age.

3.       You know a thing or two about rivalries.

This is especially true if you went to one of the local high schools in Morgantown. MHS and UHS rivalry games were always something to look forward to, no matter what sport. Even the bands are competitive!

4.       You know your way around a Sheetz.

Being that there’s one every two miles in this town, Sheetz is a happy place for many of the people in Morgantown. Whether you’re stopping in for a snack between classes or a pick-me-up at 3am, Sheetz has it all.


5.       You’ve gotten out of school early because of game day traffic

This happened once in middle school, but we will never forget to time that we got out two hours early because they were afraid of the game day traffic.

6.       You understand and accept the crazy weather.

You’ll always remember to pack an umbrella and to check the weather the night before. Nobody can really keep up with the temperatures though.

7.       Morgantown without students is a magical place.

Residents will always talk about how great it is when the students aren’t around. Traffic is almost nonexistent, high school kids don’t have to struggle to find jobs

8.       People who don’t live in Morgantown, hate Morgantown.

Most of the time it’s family members who are coming in to visit who complain the most. It’s normally the traffic and the number of pedestrians that really aggravate people.

9.       You’ve spent a lot of your summer climbing around at Cooper’s Rock

Whether it was a summer camp or with family and friends, you’ve probably spent plenty of time climbing the rocks. Everyone knows Ravens Rock and the overlook are the best places to visit here, so if you’re new to the area, check them out!


10.   Learning to drive is like playing GTA.

No, we don’t run over people and steal money. But with all the pedestrians and pot holes we face in a day, every time behind the wheel is like a video game.

11.   You know almost all the backroads by heart.

This is how most people get around after school or work. Knowing your way around town and around the gravel roads really helps when you’re in a hurry to get home.

12.   You can carry on a conversation with a stranger.

Most people in Morgantown are easy to get along with. It’s rare when you find someone who won’t say a word to you while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store. Whether it’s a simple chat about weather or sports, almost everyone is willing to talk.

13.   You’ve googled “things to do in Morgantown”

No one ever said there was much to do here. We all know the mall is a popular hang out, but not after the age of thirteen.

14.   You’ve had a birthday party at Suburban Lanes or the ice rink.

These are the best places to have birthday parties, hands down.

15.   You’ve bet on snow days in the past.

Any kid from Morgantown will tell you that snow days are hard to predict. Even when it’s obvious there should be one, that doesn’t always happen. Kids in town are familiar with walking through inches of snow just to catch the bus. Thanks, Frank.

16.    You have a pet named after a WVU athlete.

Believe it or not, many people have pets named after WVU football players.


17.   You get excited when a new restaurant opens

Who doesn’t love a new place to eat? People in Morgantown really do, since we only really have McDonalds and Burger King most of the time. The new Popeyes in Sabraton was crowded for WEEKS.

18.   Milan Puskar Stadium feels like a second home.

You can’t escape the excitement and energy at a WVU football game. There are really no words to describe the spirit that takes place in this stadium, but everyone who has been to a game knows exactly what it’s like.

19.   You know the love and kindness of Morgantown.

Morgantown has a bad rep sometimes. With all the partying from WVU, some people can get the wrong idea. However, the real residents know the truth.

20.   You know this will always be home.

Some people might leave and say they’ll never come back. But you know that when you’re gone, you will always return to your home among the hills.



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