20 Signs Your From New Jersey:

  1. It’s Porkroll not Taylor Ham, if you call it Taylor Ham we will assume you are from Connecticut or worse…New York


2. You Don’t Pump Your Own Gas most of us don’t know how to 


3. Everyone Doesn’t Live in Seaside Heights yes there are other places to live besides seaside heights 

4. New York City is referred to as “the city” not NYC or the Big Apple

5. WAWA the best place to get mac&cheese,candy,the options are limitless


6. Central Jersey Debate there is a constant debate if central jersey exists as someone who lives in Monmouth County,we aren’t North or South we’re Central.



7. It’s Great Adventure not six flags.

8. It’s Not The Shore it’s a Beach if you say the Shore you are most likely a Benny


9. No We Are Not ALL Like the Jersey Shore Cast yes we are all happy it got cancelled,not everyone who lives in the garden state is like that.


10. Left Turns Don’t Exist in New jersey we have jug handles because going in circles is more fun anyways


11. Also, Right Turns on Red are Legal in New Jersey, can’t explain my frustration being in the right lane at a red light because a New Yorker is in front of me

12. The State Bird is the middle finger (not really) we aren’t afraid to use one or both especially when dealing with dumb drivers

13. Bruce Springsteen,Bon Jovi your parents will most likely have a CD or five of Springsteen and Bon Jovi


14. Every time a Fetty Wap or Charlie Puth song comes on the typical response will be “Did you know they’re from New Jersey”


15. PNC is a second home even if you’ve fallen down the hill one too many times


16. Stone Pony Summer Stage is a fun time,until you get dropped crowd surfing (not so fun)


17. You fight about sports teams, between the Mets and Yankees,the Rangers and Devils or the Jets and the Giants the possibilities are endless



18. Playa Bowls are amazing, if you haven’t had one you’re missing out


19. You live in Suburbia or the Countryside your neighbors are either people or horses

20. A mall is 15 minutes from your house but the best mall is Short Hills,endless stores. endless shopping.



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