Winter is here, which means we have alot of warming-up to do to the idea of walking from class in the cold (see what I did there?).

After class, one of a college student’s least favorite parts of the day is walking back to the dorm in the cold. Sometimes, not even a peppermint mocha can save you.

To make the stroll a bit less life-shattering, here are 20 things to make your destination cozy and warm in the winter, thanks to Amazon.

1. Amazon Echo Speaker

You’ve just made a new best friend that’s totally down for a day in the dorm. Meet Alexa- the voice of the Amazon Echo speaker. Check the weather, ask questions, hear some cheesy jokes and play music from Pandora, iHeart Radio, Spotify and more, all while using voice control. Thankfully, you don’t ever have to think about leaving bed to change to the next Chainsmokers song. Dorm GOALS.


2. Battilo Luxury Cable Knit Throw Blanket

Just like our beloved oversized sweaters, this blanket will be on the top of your christmas list. Bonus: it’s super affordable at under $40! Just heavy enough to keep you warm while still being extremely soft? Score. 


3. Neurologicandles Synesthesia Aromatherapy Candles

Beat finals week stress with the aromatherapy candle to rule them all. Synesthesia (Greek: ‘To perceive together’) is a neurological phenomenon in which senses overlap, and stimulation of one sensation leads to the automatic stimulation of a second or third sensation, resulting in multi-sensory experience such as seeing numbers as colors or tasting words. This candle comes in two awesome scents: lavender and pomegranate, each one carefully crafted to create the best sensory-calming experience possible. We never want to leave our dorm room again.



4. Floopi Fur-Lined Clog Slippers

Two words: fur lined. *mic drop*  extra surprise: they’re made with memory foam.



5. Southern Marsh Appalachian Pile 1/4 Zip Sherpa Pullover

In 11 super cute colors, this pullover is an absolute must-have. Layering doesn’t have to be just for outside. Chill in this masterpiece and you may never need (or want)  bae’s hoodie again.


6.”The snuggle is real” pillow cover

Pun intended.


7. Yeti Stainless Steel Thermal Tumbler

This tough-as-nails tumbler keeps drinks hot OR cold virtually all day, and ice won’t melt for hours. Coming in varying sizes and designs (collegiate logo designs available), this is the greatest thing since your Swell bottle. Plus, with it’s no-sweat design, frostbitten fingers are a thing of last semester.


8. YakTrax Cabin Socks

Infused with aloe and lined in sherpa, these socks are perfect for a college student. Throw ’em on under your bean boots for class or wear them with your favorite pajama pants and you’re set for the winter. You’ll love them just as much as your infinite collection of christmas socks.


9. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphone

Chainsmokers, this is your (second) cue. Jam out around the dorm while your roommate is studying. Liiiiit.

10.Set of 3 Snowflake Cork Trivets by The Road Less Traveled

Save your furniture from watermarks (and your parents from dorm damage fees) with these adorable coasters. They’ll look awesome under that Yeti cup.

11. Tassel Wall Hanging Tapestry by The Woven Home

These can’t possibly get any cuter.  Available in white or grey, these are the perfect match for that knit blanket. P.S- they’re handmade using naturally-sourced tree branches from Minnesota.


12. Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

If you’re looking to give your room a boho vibe, this is sure to get you all in the right feels. Plus, it’s also said to relieve anxiety and insomnia. This has “college” written all over it.



13. Marble Laptop Skin

If you haven’t already slapped one on, you’re doing something wrong.


14. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera

Polaroids are the epitome of Tumblr, and we know that’s where you spend all your free time. You must know the popularity of these shake-to-reveal keepsakes, and how cute they look on those boring brick walls.


15. Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Save shelf space for your textbooks, and re-read every word of the Harry Potter series. Yaaas.


16. Samsung Wireless Cellphone Charging Pad

Less wire? Sign us up.

17. Mandala Wonders Coloring Book

Our obsession, and it’s less than $4 per book.


18. 24″ Charlie Brown Pathetic Holiday Tree

no explanation necessary.


19. “Stuff” Storage Basket 

Made of Kraft paper, washable, adorable. Something to store allll this stuff in. All of our boxes are checked off.

20. An Amazon Prime Membership

We can’t forget the source for all this amazing stuff.


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