30 Amazing Syracuse Dorms

At Syracuse, every hall is different, but the dorms themselves all look pretty similar. Each comes with the same boring furniture. Adding your personal touches and decor makes them your own. Your dorm can become your home away from home. No matter how small, you can make it styling with some of these tips.


  1. Putting balloons in your room adds a playful pop of color.boland

  2. Express yourself using a stuffy of your favorite animal. An art piece would work too!Boland2

  3. Using mostly white may seem boring, but in reality, it looks fresh and luxurious.Booth3


  1. Use different patterned fabrics in the same color scheme to create a monochromatic yet interesting look.booth


  1. By putting up as your “artsy” photos in a grid pattern, you are reminded of old memories in a cute, decorative way.Brewster

  2. Don’t forget to rep your school.Brewster2

  3. Go monochromatic. If pink is your favorite color, decorate your whole room with it! Changing up the textures and the types of accessories you are using will keep it fresh.brewster7


  1. Placing a decorative case or covering on your laptop or electronics will keep these ugly devices from looking too drab.day 1

  2. America is beautiful- pay homage to your country.Day

  3. Use your tapestries as pops of color by keeping your other décor relatively neutral.Day88

Ernie Davis

  1. Having a split means you don’t need to coordinate, be yourself!ernie davis


  1. A clean, simple bed always looks inviting and put together.flingtt

  2. Placing pictures along the wall in a straight make them seem like they were always there. Kind of looks like wall paper aka homier.flint1

  3. Even though the under-bed storage may be unsightly, mixing in a bunch of color on or above your bed will draw the eyes up.flint4

  4. Personalizing any item in your room with your name or initial will make it seem more yours.Flint789


  1. Adding posters on your walls will let others know exactly what you’re into (conversation starter)!lawrinson


  1. Don’t be afraid to have an elaborate, colorful bed spread; simpler décor will balance it out.sadler

  2. Draping lights over your tapestry will draw attention and add light to your beautiful tapestry.Sadler1

Sheraton University Hotel

  1. Using funny decorations or poster can brighten anyone’s day (eye chart).Sheraton Uiversity Hotel

Unknown (not everyone sights there hall)

  1. A water-color bed spread is so pretty and artsy, but don’t forget about Otto.sujk

  2. If a certain tapestry or art work inspires you, put it directly across from where you lay to go to bed at night. Instant goal-setter!su3

  3. Keeping your curtains open frame the beautiful you have.su5

  4. Inspirational quotes or sayings will always put you in a good mood.quote

  5. Using visible tape to hang up photos that you took yourself makes your room more personal and creative. People can admire what you have accomplished!su8

  6. Even if you add a mish-mash of décor on your walls, it won’t look overdone if you tone down the colors.su9

  7. Include extra throws on your bed for you friends who come to visit or just another layer of warmth.su9t

  8. Adding potted plants will bring the outdoors in as well as help filter that stuffy dorm air.su67

  9. Place you and your roomies’ desk back-to-back to maximize the space that you have. It also creates a natural division between your rooms.su78

  10. Bunking your bed adds some much needed floor space; just don’t hit your head!su678

  11. Use an area rug to add a little more comfort and style to your room.su987



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