5 Reasons Im Excited To Start At University of Cincinnati

uc campus

Growing up in both fast paced New York City and then Louisville, KY where we look forward to horse racing and good southern food created an odd wish list while looking for colleges. But once I discovered the University of Cincinnati’s cultural blend of an urban environment with a twist of my now rural roots, it drew me in, fast. Although i’m nervous to pack my life up for this whole new adventure, I think these 5 things UC has to offer would make you ready to start ASAP too.

1.Feeling like a big fish in a big pond

Don’t be scared by UC’s big student population, because each of its 44,000 students are super nice. The thing i’ve realized about UC is that despite the thousands of students that go there, you don’t feel like a small fish in a big pond. You can make it as big or small as you want it with one or two (or thirty) of its 300 clubs and organizations. 

2.The architecture, yes the architecture

Okay look, i’m not an architect or anything, but i’m serious when I say that UC has amazing buildings. Each one is different, some super modern and interestingly shaped, some with all glass so you can check yourself out as you walk by, and some that look like it could be from a Harry Potter movie. Although they’re just buildings, it really does make it a cool campus so you’ll never be bored walking to classes. 

new bbuilding 2

3.Calhoun street eats

Calhoun street is definitely where it’s at to grab a bite to eat. With Canes, Keystone, Insomnia cookies, even a resturant entirely devoted to mac and cheese, there is no way to hungry. This will be where 98% of my money is spent.

food girls eating

4.Exploring Cincinnati

You can’t live in a city and not go look for the hot spots. I’m really looking forward to finding some Insta worthy spots and maybe a new coffee shop to try. Even if you don’t bring your cars, that’s what friends are for 😉


5.Bearcat pride

The first thing I learned at orientation was the UC cheer that every student in Nippert Stadium cheers when our amazing football players are hard at work. There’s no doubt about the pride UC students have. After all, it is only the “hottest college in America.”




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