5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At the University of Western Ontario

Real Name: Victoria Timperley  / Pen Name: Ria Lynn


Fresh out of high school eager, excited and straight up nervous. Though thinking about my amazing future and the journey I’m about to begin as a first-year student at the University of Western Ontario, there some things I’m pretty excited about. So many things pop into my head when I think about university, like a new start, being independent, becoming an adult, new experiences, blah blah blah and everything else my high school teachers said to me trying to give me solid advice. No well-mannered teacher is going to tell you what you should really look forward to at Western and trust me they would know, almost the entire staff at my old high school went to Western. You’ll find out what you’re most looking forward to through friends, people you meet, tonnes of youtube videos and when you tour the school.



1. Decorating your dorm the way you want.

Sure, you may have to compromise if you have a roommate but you still have your half of the room. At Western you rank your residences in order from your most to least favourite, I personally chose a traditional style as my number one, Saugeen but more to come on that later. With all my years of accumulated objects, I mean I know I have a lot of stuff but like seriously it’s a lot. Though university has given me a whole new reason to shop! New bedding, throw pillows, throw blankets, cute velvet hangers, pictures and so much more.  Decorating is like a Pinterest girl dream.


2.  When your hometown has limited options…

Living in a small town, going to small high school it’s definitely not like classic high school movies with the hot guy and pretty girl. So without any prospects, and by that I mean very little good options for boys or girls and by that I mean a teenage life of little dating experience. University is a sea of future prospects for every taste, and I couldn’t be more excited, plus I’ve heard through the purple grape vine Western has some cuties if you know what I’m saying.

3. I’m a sucker for games.

One thing that is completely irrelevant when choosing a college/ university is what type of entertainment they have in the residence. Though something I’m pumped for is the lounge in one of my top choice residences. From air hockey, fuse ball, ping pong and pool I’m in love and I just hope I make friends who enjoy them, but they better watch out I’m super competitive. Plus bean bag chairs, who doesn’t love bean bag chairs, like seriously? Who?



4. The apparently good ice coffee and bagels.

I’ve heard many times that the bagels and ice coffee from the Spoke are off the chain, and having tried it once I can’t seem to disagree and with a nice handy dandy bar no more than a jump hop and skip away it’s quite a versatile area. I’m excited to go get a coffee and satisfying bagel before an annoying morning class or grab a drink (cough, when I’m legal) after a stressful day or for fun.


5. And of course orientation…

Although I\m extremely nervous for University, I’m happy I chose to go to Western not only because they have an amazing o-week, which they do, it plain crazy from what I’ve heard. I will get to meet wonderful people and students with similar interests to my own and we’ll get to share the Western experience together. During orientation it what will ease me into uni life and with what’s to come in the future. Music, parties, new faces will be exciting and terrifying at the same time.


It. Levitated. #sophpub

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Overall, there are so many things to be excited about when it comes to Western, whether it be the basic college experience or the truly special spokes bagel, in the end, Western will be an exciting adventure. I especially can’t wait to decorate my dorm and play ping pong in the lounge with my new friends I will make during orientation week, that will set the path for future bagel runs and run-ins with cute boys.


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