Finding a roommate is an extremely stressful part of being in college, but when you find the right person, it’s like a match made in heaven. Living on your own for the first time can be a little scary, but with the perfect roommate, this experience can be super easy. As the semester is dwindling down to the last few weeks, we will have to say goodbye to our roommates for the summer. For those of us graduating, it will be a bittersweet goodbye to living with your roommates forever. Here are 8 things you’ll miss about living with your college roommates….

1. Mi closet es tu closet.

Ever feel like you have nothing to wear once the weekend parties arrive? Having roommates are great when it comes to needing clothes! Two closets are ALWAYS better than one.

2. Jam-sesh.


There’s nothing better than an old-fashioned jam session to make getting ready to go out that much more fun. I’ll miss blasting music and singing our favorite songs while attempting to put mascara on at the same time.

3. Wine not?

We all know we love our grape juice! I’ll miss going wine tasting on the living room couch on those days when we are too lazy to go out. Based off the amount of times we stay in, we might be wine connoisseurs by now…

4. Netflix and Chill.

We take this phrase very literally, not in the twisted connotation of today’s lingo. A lazy Sunday consists of us watching whatever series we’re on (considering we’ve watched them all) while sprawled out on the living room couches. Thank you to my roommates for always being down to binge watch.

5. Heart-to-hearts.

Late nights and all-nighters always result in deep conversations…sometimes about the weirdest topics. It’s always comforting to know that your roommates are your right hand, and your go to. When it’s 1 am and I need some advice about life, I always know who to call.

6. A day without laughter is a day wasted.

They say laughter is the best medicine. If that’s true, I’ll live a hundred years after living with my roommates.  I will cherish the moments we spent laughing together, cracking up so hard it made our stomachs hurt.

7. “I’m so hungry.”

I can always count on you to join me for late-night snacks of potato chips and chocolate bars. There’s no one else I would rather eat my weight with. Most importantly, thanks for never judging me when I finish my meal and yours.

8. Living with my best friends.

Above everything else, I’m so happy that I got to live with my best friends for a little while. We’ve created memories that will last a life time, and I could never ask for better roommates than you!


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