How do you show where you’re from in Michigan? On your hand of cou

  1. FOMO is real 24/7

    If you’re not out, then you’re missing out

  2. You consult your best friend before doing anything that might be considered socially unacceptable

  3. Your back to school shopping included buying a new NorthFace backpack/parka, Lily agenda, and something Lululemon so you could carry your lunch around in their newest bag  

    Bonus points if you also got a new Victoria’s Secret pencil bag

  4. At least 50% of your classmates seemed to be geniuses, future Olympic athletes, and/or models

  5. The same percentage acted like they were going to go to fancy out-of-state schools or Ivies but actually ended up attending MSUor UMich

    A combination of these two schools might be referred to as “248 West”

  6. IMG_1896

    You occasionally wished you lived in a different school district to escape the endless hours of homework and intense college application process

    Mom: How many hours of sleep did you get last night? You said you were going to be up pretty late. Me: Oh like 7… or 3

  7. IMG_4619 4 You know more Republicans than you do Democrats Those red hats were everywhere last November…
  8. You see someone you know every time you go out

  9. You know how to act like you enjoy running into and making conversation with these people ^

    Sometimes you’ll even ask if they want to catch up and have lunch because you’re just so damn polite

  10. You’ve gone on a juice cleanse to look better in your bodycon dress that breaks every rule of the school dance dress code 

    If you don’t have a body like Kylie, what’s even the point of wearing one? flat,1000x1000,075,f

  11. You know that when going to social events it’s pics or it didn’t happen IMG_2800

    Actually tho…

  12. You or one of your friends got a white Jeep Wrangler for your 16th birthday

    You also probably put a Vineyard Vines whale sticker on the back window

  13. You’ve also seen the Policemen in your town drive the same vehicle
  14. 3e1f5fb49bebfbd773dcaef88801adf7You complain about being “poor” whenever you have to spend your OWN money that you take out of your Kate Spade or Tory Burch wallet

    Stupid parents trying to teach you how to stick to a budget

  15. You’ve been to parties at houses that are twice the size of your own

  16. You know that summer concerts at DTE are the littest

    Maybe… you probably only remember 75% of what happens there

  17. You know that when people say “BJ” they’re usually talking about Beyond Juice

    Does it really stand for anything else? IMG_4616 12

  18. You go with your friends to Leo’s, Starbucks or to a trendy restaurant to take cute pics at least once a week

    I’ll say it again. Pics. Or. It. Didn’t. Happen.

  19. You were probably called a Basic White Girl at some point in  your life

    because sometimes you literally just can’t even
    Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 8.29.25 PM

  20. You say you’re from Detroit but everyone can tell where you’re really from  Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


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