Every High School has something special about it, from the building to the students. Elkins High School has a few of its own quirks that only we understand, such as bleeding blue and gold or the lines at Chick Fil-A after school. So, whether you are an alumni or a current student. Here are 15 signs you went Elkins High School!


We all know who it is when Carter-Mcclain shouts this out at lunch or over the announcements. It is even better when you hear it for the first time coming back to school, makes you feel like you never left for summer.

2. Whataburger after every event

You could find everyone here after anything school related. The lines inside or the drive-thru would be packed with Elkins students. Mostly after a football game, you know you could join everyone here. It was like the student section part 2.


   3.  Happy Birthday!

There has had to be at least one instance where your teacher could not make it to class, and a substitute had to take over. If it was your lucky day, you would get the happy birthday lady. We all knew it was never her birthday , but anytime she walked in class and the words ‘happy birthday” were said she would get so mad. Does anyone know when her actual birthday was?

4. Traffic leaving school!

Once that bell rung, in under 5 minutes the school would be empty. The hard part would be getting out. If you drove to school, you know hard it is to get out of that line in the parking lot. The bell rings at 2:30, but there is no way you are getting out of there in under 15 minutes!44404921

  5. When the AC goes down

No matter what season it is in Texas, if the air conditioning goes down at Elkins everyone has a huge problem. The doors have to be open in every class, because if they’re closed you could swear that you would either die of the humidity or the stink coming from the people around you. Not only that, but everyone seems to be a little more crankier these days.

 6.  The Terrifying Tardy Station

God Forbid that you are 5 seconds late! No one would let you walk to your class peacefully if the bell rung and you were not inside a classroom. Either it was a tardy sweep that made you stand in that line to get your ID number or a teacher that made you walk all the way to the tardy station, even if you were standing outside their door while the bell rung.


E’S House B****! No matter who starts it, at least one person in the student section would say B**** at the end of it. We all know if everyone says it, none of the teachers or faculty can make it stop before it happens. Saying that one word, makes every one feel so proud to be a knight.

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   8. Pizza Thursdays

More like heaven Thursdays! Hot, Fresh Pizza every Thursday where you did not have to indulge some other food you were regretting. The lines were so long, and there were many people cutting, but it always worth it when you had that bite of PaPa John’s pizza.


   9. Having everything blocked except Twitter

I still do not understand it. How can we have one social media, but not the others! How can Instagram , Snapchat, even Facebook be considered “distracting”, but not Twitter. Well that still did not matter at the end because people were just using VPN.

10. Feeling special because Travis Scott went to Elkins

Having pride because someone as big as Travis Scott went to our high school, and pretty much claiming him. Also because it’s always ” lit at the knight show’ now. The few instances he has come by  Elkins, everyone knew about it by their next class.





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