Everyone knows that some of the most prettiest campuses are right in the good United States of America. Everyone might have a different opinion about which twenty-five are the prettiest. So the twenty-five most prettiest college campuses in my opinion are:

1. Southeast Missouri State University

2. University of Evansville

3. University of Kentucky

4. University of Tennessee

5. University of Alabama

6. Tennessee Tech

7. Ohio State University

8. Harvard University

9. Yale University 

10. Clemson University

11. Pennsylvania State University

12. Stanford University

13. Texas A&M University

14. University of Southern California

15. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

16. UCLA

17. University of California, Berkeley

18. Columbia University

19. Cornell University

20. New York University

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21. Florida State University

22. University of Notre Dame

23. Duke University

24. Michigan State University

25. Princeton University


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