Fancy Dress parties are a really fun way to step out of your comfort zone and be somebody (or something) else for the day. However, it can sometimes be really difficult to think of a costume idea which will be right for you. So to help you, here are 25 Hilarious and Cute Fancy Dress Ideas.


Be a Unicorn

As the world gets darker every day, why not stand out in a splash of colour? Being a unicorn is the perfect outfit for any girl, and is a super cute look. Use some colour chalk on your hair, buy a unicorn headband from Amazon (or make your own) and either wear a coloured tutu or some shorts and leg warmers.



Be a Pop Star

Ever wondered what it would be like to be your favourite pop star, well now is your chance! Pick a music video from your youth, or more recent, and just recreate that look! The great thing about this fancy dress is that you probably have some of the items of clothing you need in your wardrobe, and if not you can probably pick pieces up quite easily.



Be a Superhero (or Villain)

Super Hero movies have really taken off in the last few years, so what better time to reflect this in your fancy dress outfits of choice. With lots of different characters to choose from, there really is something for everyone and you can really find your alter ego. Play around with this one and be bold when using colours, wigs and makeup to really stand out.



Be a Wally

This one will have people looking for you all night; Where’s Wally’s own Wally. This fun costume will provide hours of entertainment, and is really easy to recreate. All you need is a red and blue striped T-Shirt, a red and white hat, some blue trousers or a skirt and some fake glasses.



Be a Simpson

This one will test your commitment to fancy dress when you turn yourself yellow to be one of America’s favourite family members. Pick your favourite character and get busy with the face paint (get enough to cover your whole body.) Most of the character’s have pretty basic clothing, so pick up something new or make it yourself before hitting the town.



Be a Supermarket

If you’re strapped for cash, but have lots of plastic bags laying around, then this is perfect for you. Finally get your 5p worth out of the carrier bags you’ve been hording for the last 2 years and turn them into a fancy dress costume. Bonus points if you use it for your shopping during the night.



Be a Movie Star

Want to experience the glitz and glam of being your favourite actor or actress? Well here’s your chance! Simply pick your favourite star, an iconic outfit they wore and you’re good to go. The devil really is in the detail here, the more committed you are to the part the better the overall look will be, so make sure it’s something you know you can pull together.



Be the Undead

An easy Halloween favourite, a Zombie! This one is nice and easy for costume, some clothes you don’t mind ripping a little and getting some fake blood on will be fine. Match with a pale face, dark eye circles and lots of fake blood for a scary look perfect for any Halloween party.



Be a Cartoon

If you want to go back to your younger years, consider trying a Cartoon Fancy Dress Costume. With this one you may have to be prepared to alter some clothing to really get the look right, and may need to look into buying a wig to create the full effect, but with some work your costume will stand out at any fancy dress party.


Be a Movie or TV Character

Have you got a favourite movie or TV show with a character you’d love to be? Well here’s your chance to really try it out! Depending upon the character you probably already have some clothes at home you can use for the costume, and the rest comes down to just getting the hair and makeup right.



Be a Princess

If you have an old prom dress, or another formal dress at home you haven’t had the chance to reuse, then use it for fancy dress and be a princess! Just add a tiara (you can buy one cheaply from many high street fancy dress stores) and a fancy up-do; your subjects will be enthralled. Add a mascaraed mask to really take things one step further.


Be a Hipster

A really easy fancy dress idea; all you need is an oversized checked shirt, some ripped jeans, glassless glasses and a camera. The bonus to this costume is that you can use the camera through the night to get some great pictures of you and your friends- bonus points if it’s a film camera. Keep in character all night by complaining that things are too mainstream, or that you knew the band before they were famous.



Be a Sugar Skull

This fancy dress look is going to be more focused on makeup skills, but a good costume is really going to make this pop. The sugar skull fancy dress will work best around Halloween, but with the right outfit can be worn to most fancy-dress parties. YouTube has some great makeup tutorials for the face, but the key to making this work is to really get creative and not being afraid to be little more out there than usual.



Be a Mashup

If you can’t decide between two characters to be for your fancy dress, why not be both? A mash up costume is a great talking point when meeting new people, and will be considered a witty and funny costume idea amongst your fellow part goers. If you’re stuck for mashup characters google can recommend many different websites full of ideas.



Be a Play on Words

If you’re ready to spend a night explaining your costume, which is also a good conversation beginner by the way, trying a Play on Words fancy dress costume will be perfect. Start with a pun (a good one I’ve seen on Pinterest is ‘when life gives you lemons…”) and create a costume around that. It can be as simple or intricate as you want, and when done well well really make you the talk of the party (excuse my pun.)



Be an Era

We all have an era of fashion we’d love to bring into modern clothing; well while we wait for that to happen why not try it out for a fancy dress costume? Pick an era, and find some key clothing pieces worn, a hairstyle that was in fashion and the right makeup and you’re ready to go. From an adventurous flapper to a laid-back hippy, have fun with this and really be taken back in time.



Be a Mythical Creature

When you really want to step into a fantasy world, why not try some Mythical Creature fancy dress? The mythical creature can include (but is not limited to) fairies, elves, dwarfs, sprites etc. This may take some effort to get a good costume together, depending on the creature chosen and you level of detail wanted, but the overall effect can be magical.



Be an Animal

What’s your favourite animal? Why not be that for a fancy dress costume? This can be funny or sexy or cute depending on how you want to portray the costume, and the look can be completed using clothing, makeup, faux fur depending on the animal. Take a step on the wild side with this one, and don’t be afraid to try different things out to get a great finished product.



Be a Duo

If you really want to take a costume the extra mile, grab your partner or friend and try a couple’s costume. The beauty of this costume idea is that there are many different directions you can take it; you can try a pun (black eyed p’s), a character duo (peter pan and Tinkerbelle), a celebrity pair (Paris and Niki)… there are so many ways to take this so play around, and you’ll end up with some great, fun costumes.



Be some Food

If you’re someone who loves their food, then this could be the perfect fancy dress outfit idea for you. Simply decide if you want to be one item of food, or a whole meal and hey presto- you have your costume idea. You can either raid your cupboard, or make something new, but this is a fun and humorous costume idea for any fancy dress event.



Be a Barbie

This fancy dress outfit is perfect for anyone who loves the colour pink; be everyone’s favourite doll Barbie! All you’ll need for this outfit is straight hair (although Barbie does sometimes wear her hair in curls), some heels, a pink mini dress and some Barbie inspired makeup – you can find lots of tutorials on YouTube. Remember to keep a fixed smile all night, Barbie doesn’t frown, and if you want to go the extra mile why not make yourself a Barbie box to really hit home your costume.



Be a Team Player

If you’re going to a fancy dress party with a group of friends, then a group costume will be perfect for you. There are lots of different ways to take this, you could try taking from a favourite movie (e.g. Cruella Devil and a pack of Dalmatians), or a favourite group (e.g. The Spice Girls.) Depending who you’re going with depends on which group you can be, but find out what would work best for everyone and have a fun night. #SquadGoals.



Be a Dancer

Every little girl has had the dream of being a Ballerina, or a Ballroom Expert; regardless as to if this dream ever became a reality, why not try it for a costume? Simply pick which kind of dance you’d like to be, and either head to your local dancing shop, fancy dress shop or even high street and you can create a beautiful costume with ease. Try and learn some dancing steps for added realism, and who knows… you may even find a new passion.



Be a Doll

This is more Halloween orientated, but a great fancy dress idea is being a doll. YouTube has so many great hair and makeup tutorials depending upon the level of scary you want to be, coupled with a cute outfit and you’re ready to make some nightmares. Go the extra mile by staring at random party goers with a vacant smile and wide eyes.



Be Yourself or Someone you know.

There’s always going to be those out there who don’t like dressing up, so why not just be yourself or someone you know. This means you get to wear some normal clothes, and there’s no doubt you’ll be the most individual person there amongst a sea of different characters. Super easy and stress free.






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