**note** a lot of these places are cafes and small shops that I wouldn’t label as restaurants, so maybe change the title to say places instead of restaurants?

Let’s face it: New York City is one of the best-known places to get trendy food. From loaded milkshakes to rainbow bagels, it seems like NYC is the only city that has food that will end up on your instagram. But a small state next door can give you just as good of an experience! Here are 15 places in Connecticut that your taste buds (and camera) will love!

1. Bubblecone ice cream – Milkcraft

With locations in Fairfield and West Hartford, Milkcraft serves ice cream in bubblecones inspired by the waffle cones from Hong Kong street vendors. Their most popular flavor is S’mores Campfire wtih deep cocoa chocolate, a fire roasted marshmallow, and graham cracker crumbs, but all their flavor combinations are worth trying!


2. Personal Pizza – Dough Girls Food Truck

Found at local events, fairs, festivals and farmers markets in CT, this food truck serves individual fire roasted pizzas that are made to order. From a classic margarita pizza to shredded buffalo chicken or mac and cheese, there’s something for every pizza lover out there!


3. Milkshake – Cream & Sugar Cafe

If you’re in the mood for a sugar rush, try a milkshake from Cream & sugar Cafe in Bethel, CT! The bright colors from the Candy Crush Milkshake are sure to look good on your Instagram!



4. Donuts – Donut Crazy

Donut Crazy currently has 5 locations all over Connecticut, and with so many donuts to choose from, it’s hard to have just one!


5. Guapo Bowl – El Pollo Guapo

This neighborhood rotisserie joint is located in Wethersfield, Connecticut, and their Guapo Bowls are to die for. It’s like a burrito bowl from Chipotle, only wayyy better.


6. Cannoli – Libbys Italian Pastry Shop

Established in 1922, this family-owned operation offers cookies, cannoli, cheesecake and many other tasty treats. The original location is in the heart of New Haven, CT’s Little Italy, but they recently opened a second location in North Haven.


7. Pineapple Bowl – Boost Juice Bar

Boost Juice Bar in Bethel, CT has customizable acai bowls that can be served in a pineapple or even a watermelon! Even if it’s a little extra, these are #AcaiBowlGoals

Who lives in a 🍍 under the sea?

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8. Caesar Salad Pizza – Pronto Chop Shop & Pizzeria

It’s a salad, so it’s healthy, right?

We'd eat salad everyday if it always came on a pizza 😏😋

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9. Belgian Waffle – Elm Street Diner

This diner, located in Stamford, has many different topping for the waffles that rotate regularly. Favorites include S’mores, Oreo, Nutella Peanut Butter Cup, and Strawberry Shortcake waffles.


10. Ramen – Mecha Noodle Bar

No, not the 10 cent microwaved kind. Mecha Noodle Bar in Fairfield is pho-king delicious!


11. Tie Dye Bagel – Village Bagels

With locations in Fairfield and Westport, Village Bagels is another great place to find those trendy rainbow bagels. Plus, the owner John Riina says he invented the rainbow bagel back in 1995, so if you want a taste of the original, try it here.

Saying bye to the 203 in the prettiest and yummiest way 🌈🌈🌈

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12. Smoothie Bomb – Organika Kitchen

Located in Southport, CT, Organika Kitchen has everything you want in a healthy diet: organic, vegan, gluten- & GMO-free meals from their plant based kitchen.


13. The Incredible Hulk – Magee’s Curbside

The Incredible Hulk is a breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs, American cheese, sausage, candied bacon, and Vermont maple syrup. But what’s so incredible about it? The bright green waffles, duh!

the incredible hulk!

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14. Donuts – Whisk + Brush

This food truck goes all over Connecticut and serves great donuts. Pictured below are some glazed donuts, but they have also served s’mores and galaxy donuts!



15.  Parfait – The Granola Bar

The Granola Bar proves that parfaits taste best in Mason jars! With locations in Westport, Greenwich, and Stamford, try a parfait with frozen hot chocolate or even avocado grilled cheese!


Where are your favorite places to get food in Connecticut? Share in the comments below!


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