20 Signs You’re from Northern Virginia


  1. You’re used to overwhelming amounts of traffic.
  2. You tell people you live in D.C. to keep it simple.
  3. School field trips are usually to museums in D.C..
  4. The weather is ALWAYS unpredictable.
  5. High schools have snow days even when a few flakes fall in another county.
  6. High schools take pride in their sports teams and football games are a major event.
  7. You have a graduating class of 500 people or more.
  8. You’re surrounded by drivers who are always in a rush.
  9. There’s always construction within a mile of you.
  10. A yellow light means speed up so that 4 other cars can get through.
  11. You don’t consider Virginia a southern state.
  12. I-66 is you’re second home.
  13. You’re either team UVA or team Virginia Tech.
  14. You know at least one adult who can’t tell you what their job is due to the confidentiality of it.
  15. The cost of your home could be the same cost of a small town in North Dakota.
  16. People from the other parts of the country don’t understand your nova slang.
  17. You’ve had to give tours of D.C. to every single relative.
  18. You’re used to a seeing some of the guys at your high school dress like frat boys.
  19. Most of the kids at your high school drive nice cars.
  20. You look forward for every opportunity to leave nova; even though nova is home.


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