Healthy living is my life. Everyday gives way to new opportunities to make healthier decisions that may result in a better quality of living. Unfortunately, that gets harder as we get older. Whether it’s beginning college, or transitioning into the career world. Don’t fret just yet my friends, for today I bring you, some awesome ways to stay fit both on, and off of campus. Whether you are worried about gaining the Freshman 15, or discouraged by your busy work schedule, read the tips below to help you stay healthy and reach your goals!


1. Take your bike.

Instead of driving everywhere, save money and burn calories by riding your bike.



2. Better yet, take a walk.

Even better, walk! Especially if you are on campus, why are you spending money on gas? Walk everywhere and get some exercise while saving that college student budget. #collegegoals


3. Ditch the frat parties for a nice dinner with friends.

Parties may have been all the rage in high school, but you’re nearly an adult now. Let’s do something more adult-like and skip the frat parties for a nice dinner out with friends.


4. Hit the books outside.

You have to study, it is what it is. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up in your dorm. Take your books outside so that you get some fresh air and can break every 20 minutes for a short walk. It keeps you energized too!



5. Get involved.

Not only does it make you look better as a person, but getting involved with your community gives you exercise and will make you feel like a better person! Get outdoors and help plant trees with your community or organize a fundraiser. The steps and labor will give you a nice workout!



6. Choose your beverages wisely.

College can mean a LOT of alcohol. While you don’t have to completely abstain, be wise and take notice to how much you drink. Instead for a sugary mixed drink, opt for a glass of red wine or vodka and tonic. You’ll feel very classy and be saving yourself some empty calories.



7. Get a group together.

A good way to be involved on campus and get to know fellow students is to organize a group event. A 5k around campus would be a great way to do this. If you’re already out of that college life and in the career world, start a 30 day sugar free challenge at work and get your coworkers to compete against each other.’



8. Prepare your meals in advance.

College or career life, you need to be doing this. You should be making your own meals more often, with fresh ingredients, and eating out way less. You’re not the scrawny 13-year-old who could eat 5 hamburgers, 3 medium fries, and get away with it. You’re an adult now. Plus, you have a lot more responsibilities and that requires more energy which comes from whole meals. Meal prep guys!



9. Keep your snacks handy.

Always carry a healthy snack with you. That way, when you get hungry, you aren’t tempted to drive thru McDonalds for a milkshake. Small bags of popcorn, bars, and fresh fruit are great options for a convenient snack.



10. Carry a water bottle ALWAYS.

One way to make sure you are getting enough water is to keep a water bottle with you at all times. Your body is a machine, think of water as the oil.


How do you stay fit and healthy on or off of campus? Comment below and let us know!


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