Your horoscope says a lot about you and who you are as a person, so does your room! Here are some ideas on how to decorate your dorm and incorporating your personality to style according to your zodiac sign. There are “DIY Tips” linked to each sign along with some pictures to help guide you, click and find out this best Do It Yourself to add to your space. 

(Some of the photos did turn out a bit blurry, so utilize your imagination)

Lets get started!



Although your personality is energetic and fiery, you love earthy things such as plants in your safe space. Your area is simple, but is filled with many small statement pieces like sentimental items. Make your Aries artistic abilities known by demonstrating your hobbies around your room. Whether you paint, sing or even take amazing pictures, you will find a way to have your talent present. DIY Tip



Include cool tones and a simple bedroom theme to have your personality make the statement. Keep your sanctuary comfortable and cozy since your spending most of the time there. Covering the walls in blues will make you feel calm and collected. Your lucky gemstone is a pearl, so metallic or silver accents would be perfect and will also add a pop of color without going overboard. You could even incorporate a trendy neon sign! DIY Tip




Who doesn’t love golds and glitter? Um, yes please! Have your entire room as your personal inspiration board with decals, personal sayings and pictures of your favorite things. Fun accents like scattered polka dots or a splash of gold can show your crazy outgoing personality. DIY Tip



You will rarely see a Virgo with a messy room, organization is key. You would benefit from a productive space to get sh*t done, so make sure you have plenty of shelf space. Since sign relates to mother earth, set yourself up with live plants in matching cups and vases. Try a customized fish bowl with a cute fishy to keep you company. DIY Tip



Your room doesn’t reflect your clean and collected personality. Keep the sentimental items that you don’t want to get rid of on (what I like to call) a “shit shelf”. It keep all of your knick knacks together while giving your space a more organized look while still keeping your emotional items. Try a stand at the end of your bed to set a laptop or TV on for movie nights and Netflix binging with friends. DIY Tip



Your sign is cool, calm and collected… at least when you want to be. Blend cool tones and pretty lights to match your creative style, or add a tapestry or two. You know how to incorporate your own style in with your simplistic, trendy approach. Try adding some trinkets from your childhood home that bring back good memories. DIY Tip




Who says walls need breathing room; yours are completely covered with photos! The loved ones in the photos covering your wall should have a seating space since your sign loves to interact with others. Create a cute seating place for guests that is filled with little ottomans, fuzzy carpets and lots of pillows! Put a bin under your bed for easy access to cups and/or plates in case your guests get hungry or thirsty. DIY Tip



Make use of your bedroom as a space of utilizing your senses and recuperating; use a wax melter to liven up your room. Your vivacious personality creates a space that is bright with a lot for natural lighting and a vibrant room color theme, try designing your own headboard that matches your own style.



You’re fierce and driven is always helping you look at the broader view of life, so hang up some inspiration quotes that are specifically relevant to you. Have a clean working space to work on any projects or assignments. Owning a clean working space will help you stay organized and focused on whatever life throws at you. DIY Tip



Take those items from back home and make them into something new and mature while still having that sense of childlike style. Something as simple as a canopy or unique tapestry can reach your inner child! Your bright smile and blooming personality needs to be surrounded by mirrors that cover your walls. DIY Tip



You are the most determined sign out of the Zodiac. Capricorns are responsible and practical, so create your space with many drawers and holders to make your space clean. Since your sign is very determined, make a reading space where you can have your essential homework time. You are a sun sign, so incorporate warm colors (red, yellow orange) to keep your spirits high and your energy up. DIY Tip




You are an artistic, imaginative and a super easy-going human being. You enjoy your “me-time”, so incorporate an essential oil defuser and invest in a nice speaker for your favorite music. Start connecting with your inner DIY persona and get to making your own authentic personal style. (Here are a few extra ideas to get started!) DIY Tips 1 2 3 4


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