How To Dress For A Festival So That You’re Cute And Comfy

Musical festivals are one of the most fun things that you will ever experience but that fun can be ruined in just a few hours if the clothes you wear are causing you to feel annoyed, self conscious, and pain! Heres what you need to wear so that you can focus on the fantastic artists, music, and friends that surround you instead of the issues that your clothes are causing.

Rule Number One:

Heels may be absolutely adorable but they are a big NO for festivals. The reality is that you will be standing for hours sometimes in the double digits so your footwear is at the top of the list for comfort. Go for a cute sneaker or boot, choose something that has a small heel or no heel at all. You also want to look for something with a good structure or support considering you’ll be dancing, standing, and moving all day long.  Depending upon the weather conditions and where your festival is being held here are some options:

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Rule Number Two: 

When choosing a pair of bottoms you need to remember that your going to be dancing and you will be surrounded by hundreds even thousands of people so you will get hot. I would advise a denim skirt, jean shorts, loose fitted pants, or loose fitted shorts. Here are some options:

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Rule Number Three: 

Depending upon your sense of style, and how self conscious or conservative you are there are many different types of shirts you could wear. You want to keep in mind that again you will get hot and breathable or short sleeved/strapless shirts are a must.A go to for me would be off the shoulder tops they are breathable and extremely fashionable. Another item that has recently caught my attention for festivals is the beloved bodysuit, you don’t have to worry about it coming untucked and they come in multiple different colors and are extremely comfortable. Here are a couple of options:

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Rule Number Four: 

Dresses and rompers are a great go to, they are easy to wear with many accessories and extremely comfortable but make sure that you pick the right one because you don’t want one that will be riding up  in all different directions all day long. Here are some great ideas:

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Rules Number Five and Six:


When you accessorize make sure to keep things simple, light, and small. For bags many festivals have a certain bag size that is allowed through the gates so make sure to keep your cross bodies or backpacks extra small.

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Go all out with funky sunglasses they make for great pictures and do actually help with the sun at festivals. You could also go for a cute statement hat. For jewelry keep it simple, nothing too heavy or dangly so it doesn’t get caught on anything.

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Rule Number Seven: 

Hair styles is somewhere that can make your outfit extremely comfortable fro heat reasons and extraordinarily cute. Do something with an undo so that your hair doesn’t get tangled, in your face, and you’re kept cool and comfy.

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Final Rule: Remember to really appreciate the artists and the amazing friends you have. Stay cool, loose, and have a blast!!! Heres some of my own pictures form Boston Calling Music Festival!!

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xoxo Justina





































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