20 Signs You Grew Up Just South of Miami



This is for all of my South Miami, Kendal, Pinecrest, and Palmetto Bay people out there… or basically anyone just south of Miami.

1. You have to drive if you want to get anywhere

It’s no surprise that people in Miami don’t know how to dive but throw in the Palmetto Expressway (which is literally always under construction) and traffic and you will know why the struggle to get anywhere is such a pain!traffic

#miamiroadrage is real!!

2. There is always the Miami Dade Metro Rail

Unless you love sticky seats, carts with no air conditioning, or the occasional fight breaking loose then I suggest you just try your luck at driving no matter how bad the traffic can be… Take it from someone who used the Metro for four years


3. You never go to the beach, like ever…

While you may love the sparkling water, warm sand, and great tan afterwards it takes you at least an hour to get there so what’s even the point?



4. …But when you do end up in the city you feel like a complete tourist

Even though you have lived like 30 minutes away your whole life, every time you find yourself in Brickell, Wynwood, or Miami Beach it’s a big deal.


5. At the same time if you head up to the city you need a place to crash

If you don’t spend the night with someone up north there is a good chance you won’t get home until dawn.


6. Once you get to South Dixie Highway you know it’s safe to turn off your GPS

Nights out are always fun and the expressway is always a mess, but once you can slow down and turn off Siri you know you are almost home. giphy-1

7. If you have friends from the city or just north of it you barely see them

9 out of 10 times you have to drive up to see your friends because they all literally refuse to go south of Brickell. It gets a little annoying after the millionth time but when you do meet up its always fun.long-time-no-see

8. If you want to do anything exciting you have to head north

Better food, better time… You might love living down south but you know that there is not much to do there.


9. You know that if you don’t want to drive you can always stay home

This kinda goes without saying but sometimes you don’t feel like making the shlep  so you have learned to make a night at home super fun.


10. Or if you hang down south there is almost always a house party

Big or small, one thing about living ‘just south of Miami’ is that pretty much all of the parties you attended as a teenager were at someones house.


11. Trying to explain to people just how south you live

“Ya, it’s like even further south than Dadeland South Station.”

“Wait even further south?”



12. People often just assume you live somewhere else…

Almost no one has heard of where you live so you often get mistaken for the next best thing like Hialeah or Key West.


13. Telling people you are from Miami because it’s just easer than saying where you actually live

lets face it, if your address can say Miami then you just might as well tell people that too. Right? “I’m from Miami….!”


14. There is a Publix or drug store at almost every block

Its suburbia, what more can I say.


15. And Farm Stores is a thing… a very good thing

Think drive in grocery store that also has very good ice cream and french bread. So convenient!!


16. You know that the only place to escape the heat is Dadeland Mall

An indoor mall where you can hide from the Florida heat? Yes please! Oh, theres pretzels too? Nordstrom, Gap, and Free People! Okay who’s driving? Just keep going until you see the big blue tower.images-1

17. You can also walk around the Falls or Merrick Park but it’s outdoors…

There are sometimes days when the weather is “sort of ” cool so if you can bear walking outside for more than a few minutes at a time you’ll probably head to either of these malls. merrickpark

18. You can count the number of good restaurants near you on your fingers

Hears a hint if it’s a ‘sit down’ restaurant then it’s Italian, Asian, or an Ale House. Most things that are ‘just south’ of Miami probably won’t be as good as the food you could get in the city… Do I hear another 30-45 minute car ride?

images-2 19. You often find yourself saying you hate Miami although it’s not what you really mean

You may say hate Miami but the truth is you actually mean you hate living ‘just south of Miami’.


20. And while it can be vary annoying at times you wouldn’t have grown up anywhere else

After all Pinecrest, Kendal, palmetto Bay, or even Homestead will still always be your home.






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