With college season approaching in only a few months, high school sweethearts and long-distance couples alike worrying about the long school year ahead without one another. Here are 10 things that only people in LDRs will understand…

1. You are constantly looking up the cheapest flight prices.


2. You’re always on your phone to Snapchat or text your S.O.


3. Skype and Facetime are some of your most used apps.


4. You’re excited to find cute ways to surprise your S.O. on holidays and birthdays.


5. You’re already starting to save up for visits and gifts.

6. Everyone is constantly asking you if you’re really sure about long distance and it’s REALLY annoying you.

7. You get paranoid about the smallest things that your S.O. says.

8. Both of you are worried about going to college parties without each other.

9. You’re sending a lot more selfies to your S.O. than before.

10. Most of all, reuniting after not seeing each other for many months is one of the best feelings that are simply unexplainable.





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