20 Trendy Hairstyles That Looks Good On Every Face Shape:

Nowadays hair trends are the most popular researched topic on the internet. Every girl aims to control her looks, especially her hair so why not pick a style that’s unique or in fashion. With any hairstyle the biggest boundary is facial features so here are 20 styles which are breaking into the trend setting market and suits any facial shape. So if you’re looking for a new style then try one of these as no look is to big or too small.


  1. Half up half down with a messy bun look. Perfect for long and short hair just need volume. Firstly, wave the hair into loose strands for extra volume from a beachy waved look. Make sure you tease back the top section for more volume again and pull together on the crown of the head and handle into a messy bun for that additional effortless look.




  1. Messy waves on bobbed hair can create a more even look and give that effortless appearance of bedhead. This look is the most popular with the less effort appeared to have been put in the better.



  1. With summer looming and festivals approaching, this braided mix is perfect for those outdoor events with the added messy bun feature is becoming ever popular creating a cute simple look.



  1. A straight sleek bob is worn by various women these days, especially celebs such as Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian rocking this style. This simple bob is best toned with a platinum shade for that extra zing.



  1. For those with longer hair than shoulder length then why not add bangs and go for that innocent Anastasia Steel glance. Add some volume by simple waving and let it all hang loosely.



  1. For a style that has numerous variations, then try the fishtail trend. Suited to any hairstyle it can be full on updo or half up half down, using the same style but for different outlooks.



  1. With various celebrities like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus starting an ever increasing trend, the pixie cut with sweeping fringe is a perfect look on those seeking a daring short cut. Perfect for those summer months in the heat and for a sun kissed glow with an added blonde touch.



  1. If seeking something more edgy then this layered look is perfect and to add to its style an ombre look finishes it off this trend entirely.



  1. Still an every popular fashion statement, the half shaven look on the side of the head is still popular amongst various women.



  1. New intake of braids instead of finely strung ones go for a chunkier burst for a fuller look and customise as you please such as the high updo bun or pulled together into a chunky ponytail.



  1. Long mermaid waves are very trendy right now, those with a centre parting are more suited to a square shaped face but softer curls will work on anyone.



  1. Chopstick curls are so in these days that it hard not to come by. However this style is more suited for longer hair casting a more volumized look.



  1. For those with shorter hair the various styles are limited, however for those looking for an elegant look may wish to try an entire updo. This easy short updo can be made special for an occasion and is suited to any facial feature as it is interchangeable.



  1. Another style for those with much shorter hair, a half updo bob look can be created by adding either braids or curls can create a more feminine and younger appearance.



  1. Ponytails can be worn in various ways; however, they are more suited in those with longer styled hair. This trend is ever popular creating by a more volumised messy pony tail beats any boring old style and recreates a better look overall.



  1. A layered choppy cut can give a rougher texture to layers whilst also giving a more defined shape to any face. This textured look also suits additional highlights in each layer. This is also better suited to be styled In more straight layers and for that added choppy look try using straighteners and twisting at the ends.



  1. Short hair can either be a hit or a miss but one style that is hot on the trend setting right now is the short pixie cut. This style is perfect for extruding those with longer facial features. For an added bonus, choppy layers can define a more windswept look.



  1. With any short hairstyle is be hard to get something with added volume, especially if already layered but this style creates a whole different image. This look is great for separating and defining those layers more effectively.



  1. Bouncy curls are great for more a defined shape to any hairstyle than those curls which more loose and beachy. With various tutorials on YouTube these days there isn’t a lack of good advice on how to achieve the best perfect curls which last longer. Perfect for any occasion and suits on those with a more rounded face, this style is sure to be a continuing hit.



  1. Crimped hair is making a comeback from the 90s and everyone is getting on board with the trend. This hair style is an excellent way to add extra volume to hair without creating a frizz like look. Even celebrities like Gigi Hadid can be see rocking this look with its ever increasing popularity, so time to bring out those old crimping irons and put them to good use.



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